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0 How to Try Google's New Navigation Menu

Google has recently announced a new interface that hides the navigation menu until you mouse over the logo. If you'd like to try to interface before, you can edit your Google cookie and use some values that trigger the new UI.

If you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 8+, open google.com in a new tab, load Chrome's JavaScript console (Ctrl+Shift+J), Firefox's Web Console (Ctrl+Shift+K), Safari's Web Inspector (how to do that?) or IE's Developer Tools (press F12 and select the "console" tab) and paste the following code:

document.cookie="PREF=ID=03fd476a699d6487:U=88e8716486ff1e5d:FF=0:LD=en:CR=2:TM=1322688084:LM=1322688085:S=McEsyvcXKMiVfGds; path=/; domain=.google.com";window.location.reload();

Then press Enter and close the console. If you're not in the US and you're using a different Google domain, replace ".google.com" with your domain in the code (for example: ".google.co.uk" in the UK). Please note that this only works for the English interface, so you many need to adjust the language in the preferences page.

{ via Tecno-Net }

0 Google's Hidden Navigation Menu

As previously anticipated, Google will drop the black navigation bar and will use a simplified navigation interface that will make the transition between two Google products seamless. Google+ notifications, the sharing box and the profile menu will be displayed next to the search box, while the list of Google services will be placed in a drop-down menu next to the Google logo.

"The Google bar, which runs across the top of the browser of nearly all Google services and offers easy access to Google's products, has recently updated its look for a more consistent, streamlined user experience and increased visibility of the most popular services," explains Google.

The new navigation interface no longer uses additional space, it's more compact and the short list of Google services that's displayed by default matches Google's simplified product line. The menu links to Google+, Web Search, Image Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Google News, Gmail and Google Docs, but you can mouse over "More" to see additional services. Here are the services that have never been included in the navigation bar until now: Google Wallet, Google Offers, Google Music, Google Mobile and Blogger.

While the new interface looks modern, it's also less user-friendly because the navigation links are hidden behind a drop-down menu and the average user might not be able to find them. Android's menu button wasn't a great idea and Ice Cream Sandwich made menus more visible, so it's not clear if this is going to work. Google's homepage will expand the product menu by default, but it will be interesting to see if Google users will actually notice that mousing over the Google logo lets them access Gmail, Google Docs and other services.

I don't see the new interface yet, but it's likely that it will be rolled out in the coming days.

Update: try the new interface.

Selasa, 29 November 2011

0 Smooth Scrolling in Google Reader

Google Reader's settings page has a new section where you'll find "experiments you can choose to opt-in and try out". It's like a small Google Reader Labs that only has a single experiment you can enable: smooth scrolling. This feature makes the transition between items smoother and it's especially useful in the expanded view.

While this feature is more difficult to find, you've probably noticed the colorful ball that's displayed when Google Reader loads new posts. The animation is one of the few colorful elements from the new Google Reader interface.

{ Thanks, Venkat. }

0 Horizon Repair

[Image: Window by Susanna Battin, courtesy of the artist].

If you're out driving in Los Angeles this coming Friday, December 2, consider using the second lane from the left, heading south on I-15 immediately after the 91 Freeway interchange and before the East Ontario exit: artist Susanna Battin's new work, Window, will be on display on a digital billboard overlooking the highway, and will be best viewed from that lane. There, "Los Angeles freeway commuters [will] briefly witness the billboard transform into a window," Battin explains, in "an attempt to repair the visually severed mountain range" beyond. Battin's elevated digital image also accounts for "thirteen of San Bernardino’s varying smog conditions," so the overlap will hopefully work by blending in with the local weather.

Here's a map of where to be.

Meanwhile, I'm curious if you could achieve something vaguely similar, but without the digital billboard—something like the optical effects of Felice Varini, but applied at a particular curve in the freeway, using different overlapping space frames partially installed on different rooftops, or various painted outlines distributed across other billboards and facades. They would all lock together for a brief and fleeting instant, from one very specific angle, perhaps even too fast to notice, and thus "repair" the surrounding landscape. I suppose, in some mythical world where insurance liability is not an issue, Felice Varini, Susanna Battin, and Caltrans could team up to make the California highway system itself into a massive and perceptually instantaneous optical installation, visible in full effect only at certain exact velocities and angles.

In any case, if you see the installation, and don't risk crashing your car, consider taking a picture and sending it in; I'd love to see if this works.

0 7 Mental Mistakes That Stop You From Living a Life of Freedom and Peace

How often do you lament the fact that you’re still not where you want to be?
  • There’s still something missing from your life that if you could get, you’d be happy.
  • Life doesn’t seem fair, and it never works out just the way you want it.
If you identify with any of these statements, then you’re most likely making mental mistakes that may hold you back for the rest of your life. The good news is that since they are mental mistakes, they can be changed, and when changed, your whole life can be changed.

  1. Living in the Future
    Do you dream of a better future where you have more money to travel, more time to do what you want, or even a better job? Then you’re falling into the first mental trap, which is giving your attention to a future projection that does not exist.

    The future cannot save you. The more you complain, the worse you will feel.

    The solution? Notice whenever you feel pulled to daydream and bring your attention back to your body. Be present with whatever is here and now, even if it feels negative. In the beginning, it may be uncomfortable, because you are used to running away, and your mind is active, but if you truly want to live a joyful life, then this is one of the fastest paths there.

    This doesn’t mean you stop planning. It means you stop excessive future projection that leads to chronic dissatisfaction.

  2. Living in the Past
    Do you wish you could go back to the past and change something? Or maybe you’re marveling in a memory that is sweet as cotton candy. It fills you with joy and excitement, but at the same time, it carries with it a sour aftertaste, because it’s only a memory.

    Remembering good times is all fine and good. The problem arises when it is done excessively. Whenever you notice your attention drifting away either to the past or future, gently bring it back, and notice how you’re feeling right now.

  3. Saying No to the Here and Now
    Staying right here and now can be painful. Stay vigilant of what is happening within you even as you read these words. Guard the temple that is your inner space.

    How deep or shallow is your breathing? What thoughts are arising? Do you want to be somewhere else, do something else, have something better? Is there a problem in this present moment unless you think about it?

  4. Going Nowhere Fast
    Are you constantly in a hurry? You have a goal that you want to get to, because you think it will make your life better. The best measuring stick for a good goal is to ask yourself if it is making your life better right now.

    If not, then drop the goal.

    Most people are constantly going somewhere else. They are never here. And when they reach that somewhere else, they set a new goal, and off they go, back on the hamster wheel.

    It is a never-ending journey that is full of suffering.

  5. External Solutions to Internal “Problems”
    Things do not give you peace, freedom, and fulfillment. It is your reaction to them that gives you all the good feelings. The good feelings come from inside, not from outside.

    Beyond food, shelter, and a few basic needs, things do not dramatically increase your happiness, which is why you see so many miserable people swimming in material abundance. They are trying to fix something internal with something external. It just doesn’t work.

    The only way to experience freedom and peace is to go inside.

  6. Avoidance
    Whenever you feel inner turmoil, negativity, suffering, or pain, sit with it, and be with it, without analyzing. It is the running away and wanting it to go away that feeds the fire. Stop avoiding what you are experiencing, and simply be.

    Notice the chaos of your mind, and notice that you are not that. You are the presence behind your thoughts. And if you want to take it further, notice what is aware of both your thoughts and the presence behind them.

  7. Feeding the Fire That Burns You
    We take so much so seriously, but everything that exists in our head are merely ideas. It may not seem like that, but that is how it is. If you believe that you shouldn't do something, that’s an idea. If you believe you are better than others, that’s an idea. If you believe you are no good, that’s an idea. If you think this article is full of baloney. That's another idea that is constructed from other ideas you've learned in the past.

    Those are all ideas, and they hold power over you as long as you choose to identify with them.

    How do you not identify with them? By allowing them to pass. Look at them, taste them, but do not put them in your pocket and call them yours. You have ideas that you do not pay attention to, such as the color of flowers. You don’t get angry about them or try to change them. They just are the way they are.

    What if all your thoughts and ideas were like this? What if it was okay to feel whatever you feel? Just let it be. It is your constant wanting to change what is that stands between you and a life full of freedom and peace.
Written on 11/29/2011 by Henri Junttila. Henri writes at Wake Up Cloud, where he shares his personal tips on how you can live the life you know you deserve. When you feel ready to take action, get his free course: How to Find Your Passion (And Build a Business Around It).Photo Credit: Tim Geers

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0 27 Productivity Killers: Why Nothing Ever Gets Done!

There is always more to do than time in which to do it. And the more you take on, the more there is to do. You finish one task and six more pop out of no where; it never ends. To toss a major understatement at you - you need to invest your time wisely and that means being productive.

Yes, the dreaded 'P' word. Easier said than done, that's for sure. Sometimes, you just aren’t productive. You want to be, but things seem to never get done.

Here’s why...

What Kills Productivity?
There are only a few broad reasons why your productivity could be suffering. I’ll talk about all the specific instances in a moment, but let’s start with a high-level look:
  • You have too much on your plate. Whether you don’t want to say no, you don’t know how or you can’t, you end up having too much to do.
  • The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Your body has needs. You need to give it the proper food, exercise and time off to stay optimally healthy.
  • The flesh is willing, but the spirit is weak. Your attitude is greatly affected by external factors such as your relationships, your finances and the kind of work you’re doing.
  • There's always tomorrow. Procrastination is caused by obstacles and friction. These tips will help you make sure you stop procrastinating altogether.
  • Stuff keeps coming up. Interruptions from email and phone calls, distractions from your personal life, as well as meeting overload can easily kill your productivity.
  • Doing the wrong things. Clarity is power. And once you’re clear about what you want, you need the right strategy and plan of action.
These are all productivity killers, and they can all be averted or avoided. Let’s explore the first one...

You Have Too Much On Your Plate
There are 24 hours in a day. You need to sleep 7-8 hours to keep your productivity level high. And you need to eat, rest and have at least a bit of a social life. That leaves you with 10 to 12 hours of work time. Even if you are ultra productive, your capacity is still limited.
  • Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Stomach.
    You are ambitious, driven and confident. And overly optimistic. You have made commitments to your clients, and you can’t let them down. You have to follow through and do what you promised, but you have too much to do. You have three ways out of this bind:
    • First, you can free up existing capacity by cancelling other engagements. Since it’s too late to turn down those clients, your personal life will probably suffer.
    • Second, you can increase your capacity by hiring someone to help you. You will incur additional costs, and you’ll have to spend time with that person to get them up to speed and communicate exactly what you want them to do. But you might very well manage to deliver on your promises. Top grading is an interesting approach to hiring high performers.
    • The third option is for you to negotiate on deliverable deadlines. Is one of your clients or projects flexible? Explain the situation and ask them for a few more days. But don’t wait the day on which you need to deliver to ask for extra time. Start negotiating as soon as you know that you won’t be able to follow through on your promises on time. They normally will be flexible and agree to the extended deadline, if it happens rarely. If you start making a habit out of it, they might very well get frustrated quickly by your requests.
  • You don't know how to say no.
    Your reputation is positively affected by how you can successfully deliver what you promise. By spreading yourself too thin, the quality of your work is greatly reduced – and your reputation follows. Know your commitments, and start saying no if you don’t have time to do more. When you get the request, it’s good to take your time and get back to them. When you do say no, don’t apologize about it. Be polite and firm about it.
  • You just can't say no.
    When your superior asks you to do something, it is not really an option. You CAN ultimately say no, but it is at the risk of getting fired. If everything is urgent, it becomes hard to prioritize and you might feel overwhelmed. The best thing to do is to sit down with your superior and explain the situation. Let them know what you have on your plate. Tell them that it not reasonably feasible within the time frame given.

    Ask them to help you prioritize it all. Sometimes, this is not the problem. Sometimes you have the right amount of work, if only you could get it done...
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak...
If you’re not in good health – if your body is not capable to execute what you’re trying to get done – then nothing will get done. So let’s look at reasons why this might be happening.
  • Not getting enough sleep.
    There is no magic number when it comes to sleep. Your body’s need for sleep is a function of your age and your genes. Researchers have agreed that most people need from 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night to be fully rested.

  • Not getting enough exercise.
    “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” - John F Kennedy. It is common knowledge that exercise is good for your physical and mental health. If you still need motivation to get moving, here are 13 scientifically proven health benefits of exercise.

    If you’re not exercising, keep it simple to start with. Do you live in a building with multiple floors? Run up and down the stairs for 15-30 minutes. Go for a walk. Of course, there is always the gym. Having a disciplined gym partner will help you get and stay motivated.

  • You're getting too much exercise and burning yourself out.
    Over-training has serious negative consequences. Make sure to rest sufficiently and eat well between workouts. Listen to your body and be aware of symptoms of over-training.

  • You're not eating a very healthy diet.
    There are numerous health risks associated with having a poor diet. It can make your body weak, overweight and sick. You also expose yourself to life-threatening diseases. If you’re sick or lacking energy, your productivity will be down. Avoid diets high in refined sugars or bad fats. Try a vegetarian or vegan diet. Consult a health professional for advice.

  • You're not getting enough time to yourself.
    Your body and your mind need regular rest. If you’re not taking breaks throughout the day and regular time off work, you are lowering your overall productivity. Your energy needs to be renewed for you to have sustainable high performance.

  • You're sick.
    An analysis of Commonwealth Fund survey data found that 69 million US workers missed work days due to sickness, for a total of 407 million days lost in 2003. Another 478 million days were lost because they were unable to concentrate at work due to their illness or that of a family member.

    The most productive attitude to have towards sickness is prevention. And in cases where you start feeling sick, the best thing to do is to give your body the rest it needs. Take a bit of time off NOW so that you don’t have to take days or weeks off later.

    The body and the mind are greatly linked. They influence each other directly. So the reverse relationship is just as true.
The flesh is willing, but the spirit is weak...
Being physically healthy is not enough to be productive. Your mind needs to feel positive emotions and be free of bad stress and concerns. Let’s look at a few causes for those negative emotions.
  • What you're doing isn't motivating you.
    Is what you’re doing boring and energy-draining to you? Do you a hard time motivating yourself in the morning to get your day started? If so, then you are not doing what you love. The shortest path to productivity is being happy, excited and passionate about what you’re doing. We usually love what we’re good at, and we become good at what we love. Find what you love – that’s the easy part. You already know what you love. Secondly, find your strengths. Then set up your life so that you’re doing only those things.

  • Your personal relationships aren't harmonious.
    Frustration, friction and fighting with family and friends take a lot of energy away. One way to go about removing those frictions and frustrations is to love them more, appreciate them more and be more grateful to them. By the law of reciprocity and because humans have a deep need to be loved, your relationship will quickly get better.

  • Your financial situation is stressing you out.
    The PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2011 Financial Wellness Survey showed that financial stress contributes to productivity loss. It is a big distraction, and a lot of people are managing their finances at work. By clearing off your debt, and using credit cards wisely (i.e. by paying them back immediately after you purchased something with them), you will remove a burden that is hindering your productivity.

  • You're relying on willpower.
    Motivation – or in other words, willpower - gets you started. You have limited amounts of it, and it can only get you so far. When your willpower is running low, you are more likely to put off tasks to tomorrow. Habits get you through to the finish line. They pull you through lack of motivation. You should stop relying on willpower alone.
There's always tomorrow...
The word procrastination comes from procrastinare, and it is derived from pro (forward) and crastinatus (of tomorrow). In other words, you are putting off doing something to tomorrow.
If you are procrastinating, know that it is caused by obstacles and friction. To learn more about it, here are 13 effective solutions to procrastination.
  • You want to go play outside.
    Especially in cold climates (I live in Canada) where summer is short, people’s behavior changes drastically throughout the year. Almost depressed and hibernating in winter, people binge on outside cocktails and outdoor activities during summer. This affects productivity on a high level. If you have control over your schedule, you can take that beautiful sunny day off and work over the weekend. Basically, you can rearrange your time to take advantage of beautiful days.

  • There's no urgency.
    When you have a long time to do something, there is no pressure and it is more likely that you will put it off. Set intermediate goals and start today.

  • There's no accountability.
    By not being held responsible for your actions, you can easily backwards rationalize when you don’t get things done. This is probably one of the least applied concepts in business. You should stop relying on willpower alone and start using accountability to facilitate sustained productivity.

  • You're afraid of failure.
    Fear of failure comes down to the two basic human fears: Not being enough, and not being loved as a consequence. We’re also avoiding the potential pain this failure can cause us. Fear and gratitude cannot co-exist in the brain at the same time. By feeling grateful for the lessons that you can learn from failure, fear dissipates.

  • You don't know what to do next.
    Not knowing what your immediate next step is can freeze you. You might feel overwhelmed with all your options of what to do next. Stop and think. Take a few minutes to think about your next step. If you still don’t know, you might refer to your Mastermind group (explained below in this article). Sometimes, you’re very motivated, you have plenty of pressure and accountability, but stuff keeps derailing your efforts...
Stuff keeps coming up...
You have a lot to get done, but it seems like there’s always something else urgent and important that needs your attention right now.
  • Interruptions.
    In today’s fast-paced world, we are constantly interrupted. Your email notifications pop up, the office phone or mobile phone ring, and colleagues can interrupt your work at any time to ask you a question. When you want to be productive, you need to eliminate those interruptions. Close your email inbox or disable notifications, turn off your phones’ ring. If you are in an office with a door, close it. Let your colleagues know that you are not available for certain periods in the day where you focus on your work.

  • Poorly defined boundaries.
    It’s easy for your personal life to creep in your day when working. If working from home, it's still work time. People shouldn't be bothering you. You need to focus on your work while you’re at home. Also, get out of the gray zone that lies between productivity and relaxation. Do one or the other fully, but not both at the same time.

  • Not budgeting enough time to do stuff.
    For example, if you budget only one hour to answer email and you spend four, it gets into your other stuff. You can solve it with a time audit, and improve your estimation skills over time.

  • Your colleagues are scheduling a lot of meetings.
    Your time is valuable, and so is theirs. Every hour spent in a meeting is time not spent making progress with your work. There is hence an inherent cost to meetings. Attend only the meetings where it is truly relevant for you to be there. And run effective meetings.
Now, even if you’re productive and you manage the stuff that comes up well, you might still be working on the wrong things.

Doing the wrong things
You need to know precisely what you want, know how you’ll get there, and have the right team to help you along the way.
  • You haven't identified clearly what you want.
    What your mind can conceive and bring itself to believe, it can achieve. The first step, then, is to know exactly what you want. In other words, you need to define your definite purpose. Your strategy, your goals and your actions will stem from that purpose.

  • You haven't defined SMARTER goals.
    Your goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely, emotional and rewarding. Setting a goal to make $1 million this year out of the blue would not be a good goal.

  • You don't have the right overall strategy.
    Once you have defined clearly what you want and what your SMARTER goals are, you need the right strategy - or overall plan of action. This is when your Mastermind group comes in handy. Make sure to stay on track – keep applying the strategy you established, while making it evolve as you gather feedback and experience.

  • You're not using the power of the Mastermind.
    Napoleon Hill introduced the Mastermind principle in his book Think and Grow Rich. It consists of two or more people who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose. It is the principle by which you can borrow and use the education, the experience and the influence of other people.

  • You're not planning regularly.
    Priorities change, and your plan of action is constantly evolving, but planning is essential. In Dwight D. Eisenhower’s words: “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable”.

  • Bonus #28: Maybe you are productive, and you just don’t know it.
    Sometimes we’re so geared and focused on what to do next that we don’t stop to appreciate what we accomplished. Make sure to stop and appreciate small wins. Other times, we’re setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Feel grateful for every bit of progress. Celebrate, do or buy something you love. For me, whenever I make great progress, I treat myself to a healthy restaurant and a massage at a spa. What makes you feel great? Is it spending time with loved ones? Going on a short trip? Buying new clothes?
Note that not everyone has every problem in this list. And if you want to increase your productivity, you’ll need to find which ones afflict you. Here are the ones that are afflicting me the most: not getting enough sleep, and my financial situation is stressing you out. I still have a lot of debt to repay, and even though I’m repaying it quickly, it adds stress to my life.

So what about you? Which of these productivity killers is afflicting you? And now that you’ve read this post, are you ready to bust through them?

Written on 11/28/2011 by Matt Tanguay . Matt is Fluent Brain's CEO and Chief Visual Facilitator. Visual Facilitation supercharges your thinking, brainstorming, and problem-solving. Visualization brings clarity and order to your thought processes, allowing you to explore and keep track of complex and non-linear ideas. The entire process is captured in a document deliverable that you can refer to in the future, and use to help others understand your ideas.Photo Credit: f_mafra

0 Cached Pages in Google Mobile Search

Maybe it's not so obvious, but the link to the cached version of a search result is still available when you're using Google Search on a mobile phone. Just like in the desktop interface, you need to click the Instant Preview icon (a magnifier) and you'll find the "cached" link.

For some reason, the links to the mobile formatted version and to the list of similar pages are no longer displayed. To go back to the old interface that displayed all these links next to the search results, bookmark http://www.google.com/m or replace "google.com/search" with "google.com/m/search" in the URL (just add the two characters in bold).

Minggu, 27 November 2011

0 The Limits of Preservation

[Images: From Minescape by Brett Van Ort].

The Minescape project by Los Angeles-based photographer Brett Van Ort looks at the ironic effects of landmines on the preservation of natural landscapes, placing woods, meadows, and even remote country roads off-limits, fatally tainted terrains given back to animals and vegetation.

[Images: From Minescape by Brett Van Ort].

"Left over munitions and landmines from the wars in the early 1990s still litter the countryside in Bosnia," Van Ort explains.
According to BHMAC (the Mine Action Committee for Bosnia and Herzegovina), just over 3.5% of the land area of the country is still contaminated by landmines. Many of the deminers in the field believe roughly 10% of the country can still be deemed a landmine area. They also feel that nowhere in the countryside is safe, as they may clear one area but a torrential downpour may unearth landmines upstream or upriver; consequently, these unearthed landmines find their way into vicinities that were deemed safe weeks, months or even years ago.
While visiting the landscapes himself, Van Ort adds, "some people told me not to walk into nature at all."

[Images: From Minescape by Brett Van Ort].

The photographs seen here juxtapose shots of natural landscapes considered safe—that is, free of landmines—with portraits of the mines once buried there.

"The viewers of these photographs," Van Ort suggests, "should ask themselves: which of these landscapes would they feel comfortable walking into?"

[Images: From Minescape by Brett Van Ort].

The project closes with a particularly dark observation: "I see the idea of hand-placed landmines protecting the natural setting and allowing the environment to regenerate itself as an ironic twist on our inability to conserve and see into the future."

[Images: From Minescape by Brett Van Ort].

More photos from the series—including a taxonomy of artificial limbs necessitated by encounters with the landmines—are available on Van Ort's website.

(Thanks to Jon Rennie for the tip! See also the DMZ Peace Park Project).

0 Brick Swarm

[Image: From "Flight Assembled Architecture" by Gramazio & Kohler].

Semi-autonomous flying robots programmed by Swiss architects Gramazio & Kohler "will lift, transport and assemble 1500 polystyrene foam bricks" next month—starting 2 December 2011—at the FRAC Center in France. The result, they hope, will be a "3.5 meter wide structure."

[Image: From "Flight Assembled Architecture" by Gramazio & Kohler].

According to the architects, this will serve as an experimental test-run for the construction of a hypothetical future megastructure—presumably requiring full-scale, autonomous, GPS-stabilized helicopters. However, I'd think that even a small insectile swarm of robot bricklayers piecing together a new low-rise condominium somewhere—its walls slowly materializing out of a cloud of rotors and drones—would be just as compelling.

(Earlier on BLDGBLOG: Flying Robotic Construction Cloud and Robotism, or: The Golden Arm of Architecture).

Sabtu, 26 November 2011

0 Bossini X Toy Story


Something exciting is happening! Toy Story Land is opening in Hong Kong Disneyland!! Now I want to go there again - I love the Toy Story movies so much!

The excitement has spread to Singapore and Bossini has collaborated with Disney to bring us super adorable Toy Story apparel. :D

The Cantonese dub for Jessie the cowgirl in the Hong Kong version of Toy Story, Joey Yung 容祖兒, is fronting the campaign.

Bossini X Toy Story collection will be launched on the 25th of November at all Bossini stores in Singapore - and prices range from $16 to $159. Both adults and children will be able to enjoy the collection!

Here are some of the clothes + awesome collectibles:

Alien hooded fleece shirt dress

I'm gonna spend my December in wintry Texas so this is just perfect! Love the silly alien details and the furry hood + cuffs. It's comfy and the cowboy theme is so cute!

Jessie felt print hoodie tunic

Jessie is one of my favourite characters in Toy Story! She's always so chipper and brave and loyal to her friends... Plus she and Spanish Buzz are just so adorable together! I like how the hood area is sort of special, makes it look like I'm wearing a cape.

The hot pink tunic (long enough as a dress for me) totally matches my Lotso huggin' bear (Bossini gave this to me as a pressie, it's not available for sale in their stores) and my pink hair!

And he smells like strawberries! ♥

Me wearing the Oversized Pullover with Muffler

A super unique piece! Only 20 are available for sale in Singapore. *feels special*

The pullover comes with a detachable muffler in the style of Jessie's trademark braid!! So cute it even comes with a giant ribbon. :D

Here's ambassador Joey in a chic limited edition Alien Dress. The ears are pockets!

20 pieces available islandwide so collectors best hurry! Limited edition pieces only available at the Takashimaya and Bugis Junction branch.

The fun doesn't just stop here... Children also have their share:

I love this Jessie Tee for little girls.

Or this Checkered Toy Story Comic Shirt for handsome little cowboys! 

(Why are the child models so cute omg)

Loving the designs? If you spend more than $150 in the stores, you can get a FREE Peas-in-a-pod travel gift set!

OMG SO CUTE!!!11111 Want!!!!

As usual with my adverts there are PRIZES TO BE WON!! PAY ATTENTION COZ THE PRIZE IS AWESOME:

Contest no. 1:

Win a trip for 2 to the all exclusive Toy Story Land, including 4D3N accomodation for 2, 2 return tickets to Hong Kong and 2 entrance tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland!!

3 sets of prizes to be won!!

How? Just purchase any Toy Story Collection item, keep your receipt, and register online at http://bossinibehappy.sg. Contest ends 18 December - hurry!

Contest no. 2:

You don't even need to get out of your chair to win this. Just LIKE Bossini's Facebook page at http://facebook.com/bossini.sg, then LIKE AND SHARE (make it public) the Toy Story Collection folder by 31st November.

5 winners will be chosen, and the prizes include:

  • The aforthmentioned Peas-in-a-pod travel gift set
  • An extendable Tote bag. (Jessie or Alien design)
  • Alien camera strap

And my favourite are these:


Ingenious! Never thought of cute-ifying sneakers by putting clips on them. These clips are clipped onto the tongue of the sneakers. :D I suppose the clips also can be used for papers or whatever... Use your imagination!

You can check out the rest of Bossini's collection HERE!

Hope you guys win, and happy shopping!!

(I'd be so jealous if you win, I freaking love Disneyland!! Wish they gave me tickets :X)

0 Play The Game of Life As If You Have Nothing to Lose

A few days ago I was surfing with a friend of mine and what appeared to be a perfect wave appeared on the horizon. So, I started paddling for it. From where my friend was sitting he could see exactly what the wave was going to do, so I shouted to him “is it going to close out?” and he yelled back “no , just GO!!.” By the time I had tried to go it was too late.

Hesitation killed it for me.

I am not saying to never hesitate OR never think. I am saying that at some point, it's time for immediate action!

The Opportunity Cost of Hesitation

My hesitation had cost me what might have been one of the best waves of the day. Many of us behave the same way in life. We linger on the edge of decisions, choices and commitments. We hesitate and opportunities pass us by. Hesitation is the kiss of death when it comes to progress. Even if you manage to take action, you do it from a place of reluctance which increases the likelihood that you’ll fail.

If I had actually gone for that wave it’s almost guaranteed that I would have wiped out because I wasn’t fully committed to it.

Playing the Game as if You've Got Nothing to Lose

“Proceed with caution” might as well be the first rule on the chalkboard at school. But what a disaster that such an instruction holds us back in ways that we can’t even imagine because we’ve become so caught up in playing it safe and sticking to the tried and true path. As we get older and experience more of what life has to offer, our tolerance for risk significantly decreases, and in parallel the possibility of living an extraordinary life.

If you want to get big results you have to take big risks. Nobody made a fortune or ever got everything they wanted out of life by playing it safe. In a recent interview when I asked an employee at the company if it was an organization that encouraged taking risks, she replied, “I don’t like the word risk” and proceeded to discuss how to innovate within these boundaries.

Paralysis by analysis keeps far too many people from taking action. Sometimes..in fact most of the time the only way you’re going to find out if something will be a success is by just doing it.

Do you Really Have Anything to Lose?

The part of taking a risk that never ceases to amaze me is how many of us fear losing something that we don’t have in the first place. Our minds are great at playing tricks on us and putting us into endless loops like this:
  • “If you go and talk to that girl that you find attractive, she might think you’re an idiot or she might turn you down.” Does it matter considering you don’t have her in the first place? What are you really going to lose?
  • “If you write this and share it with people what if they think you’re crazy, think your article is garbage or don’t agree with you.” It’s not like you have the traffic, comments or reaction from that post right now. So what exactly are you afraid to lose?
  • “If this crazy wild eyed dream of mine doesn’t work out then the whole world will be laughing publicly and saying I told you so.” Considering you haven’t accomplished the dream, you’re really not losing anything. It’s far easier for people to stand on the sidelines and critique another person than it is to play the game themselves. Be wary of these people.
The willingness to take a leap of faith and stand on the edge of success with adversity as the catalyst will carry you far beyond your own expectations if you can stay the course. The question really is do you have what it takes?

Written on 11/26/2011 by Srinivas Rao. Srinivas is the author of the Skool of Life, where he writes about surfing, personal development, and things you never learned in school but should have. If you’re ready to to become a student, check out his FREE course on the 7 most valuable lessons they never taught in school. You can follow him on twitter @skooloflife.Photo Credit: MikeBaird

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