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0 How Your Best Idea Is Holding You Back

Ideas are fantastic things. No book gets written, no business gets started, and no adventures get off the ground without someone having a great idea first. The problem is that ideas are bigger than we often give them credit for, and they have a shelf life.

Given enough time, the great idea that was going to change your life can end up being the very thing holding you back.

The first problem with ideas is that they take up a lot of mental space and energy. A novel comes with characters, plot, dialogue, twists, and sometimes a wholly different world than the one we live in. A business plan includes ideas for products or services, marketing strategies, pricing (and profit!) daydreams, and so on. That’s a lot to keep in mind all the time! While we may be capable of generating hundreds of great ideas, the chance that we can concentrate on more than one in detail is extremely slim.

The other problem is that having one solid, unused idea can chip away at your creativity. Here’s how: It’s too tempting to rest on the thought that you were creative enough to think of that first idea. Eventually, you’re still be congratulating yourself for a thought you had months or even years ago, instead of challenging yourself to be creative in the present. The longer you have your best plans tucked away, the less you’ll feel like pushing yourself to come up with something different.

So how do you keep your amazing idea from restricting your mental and creative energy? Act on it. As long as ideas remain passive, abstract thoughts, they’re useless. Taking steps to put your idea into action boosts creativity and motivation, frees you to brainstorm new possibilities, not to mention lets you actually enjoy the exciting experience you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Even failure isn’t a bad thing. If you find out the idea isn’t as good as you originally thought, you have the feedback and incentive you need to think of something that will work better.

Here are some ways to get your idea out fast:
  • Give yourself an immediate deadline.
    “Write my novel this year” won’t work. “Write first chapter this month” is better. “Write my first page today” pushes you to start now. Break large projects into bite size pieces not only do you see immediate results, you reduce the fear of movement. (This can, of course, be customized for any goal—cook one recipe, write a business plan, compare prices for plane tickets to Bali—just get started today!)

  • Get community support.
    Writer? Try National Novel Writing Month. Want to start your own business? Join an organization for small business owners. Connecting to others who share your goals is a great way to get encouragement, feedback, and motivation. Many times, this could be as simple as joining a group on Linkedin.

  • Forget “going to be.”
    If you practice guitar today, you’re not going to be a musician, you are one. If you write (even 100 words), you are a writer. “Going to be” puts your goal in an indefinite future. If you’re working on your passion, you are already behaving like the person you want to be.
Having an idea is an important first step, but acting on it is the real proof of creativity. How can you make your idea happen today?

Written on 9/29/2011 by Jessica Jonas. Jessica is a writer and editor. She offers book recommendations, writing tips, and general inspiration on her blog at http://jessicamjonas.wordpress.com. Photo Credit: ieshraq

0 How to Find Visited Pages in Google Search

I'm not sure if this is a new feature, but it's pretty useful. Like most websites, Google's search engine changes the color of visited links from blue to purple. All browsers handle links this way by default, but websites can alter the colors using some CSS code.

If you're logged in using your Google Account and Web History is enabled, Google saves all the search results you visit to your Web History. When you're using a different browser or a different computer and you're logged in using the same account, Google changes the color of the visited links from blue to purple, irrespective of the browser or computer you've used to visit them. For example, I searched for [haploid] using Chrome, I clicked on one of the results, then I tried the same query in Internet Explorer and the page I've visited in Chrome already had a purple link.

Google also has a search filter that lets you restrict the results to visited pages. Just click "More search tools" in the sidebar and select "Visited pages". For pages you're visiting frequently, Google shows an annotation below the snippet: "You've visited this page X times. Last visit: ...". When you mouse over the snippet, Google suggests to +1 the link: "You've visited this page X times. +1 to recommend it on Google search!".

{ Thanks, KoalaBear. }

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0 "Google+ Is Google Itself"

If you thought that Google+ is just a separate service you can easily ignore if you don't want to use it, you were wrong. In an interview with Steven Levy, Bradley Horowitz - Google's VP of products - says that Google+ is actually Google itself.
Until now, every single Google property acted like a separate company. Due to the way we grew, through various acquisitions and the fierce independence of each division within Google, each product sort of veered off in its own direction. That was dizzying. But Google+ is Google itself. We're extending it across all that we do — search, ads, Chrome, Android, Maps, YouTube — so that each of those services contributes to our understanding of who you are.

Redesigning all Google services to match the Google+ interface is not just about consistency, it's also a way to show that they're part of the same super-service, an encompassing layer that makes them work together.

Google+ made Android's camera app integrate with Picasa Web Albums, Google Talk integrate with YouTube and Google Docs. It's likely that Google+ will make Google services more useful by combining their strengths. That's probably the reason why you'll use Google+ even when you're not going it to Google+ and you'll end up joining Google+ even if you don't like social networks.

0 Google Instant Tweaks

When Google launched Instant, the main goal of this feature was to guess your query before you finish typing it and to instantly display the results. This works well if your typing a popular query, but what happens when Google can't autocomplete your query and you're a slow typist? You'll usually see the results for partial queries that include the words you haven't finished typing.

Now Google no longer includes the word you're currently typing if it's not very likely that it's a complete word. If you type [android qualcomm qua], Google will only show the results for [android qualcomm]. When your query becomes [android qualcomm quad], Google no longer ignores the third word. Here's another example:

If you actually want to find the results for a query and Google ignores the last word, you can always press Enter, click the Search button or click "Search instead for ...".

0 Tar Creek Supergrid

For his thesis project at the University of Toronto, Clint Langevin, in collaboration with Amy Norris, proposed "repurposing abandoned mines as renewable energy infrastructure in the U.S."

[Image: Inside the Picher, Oklahoma, supergrid, by Clint Langevin and Amy Norris].

The specific site for their project is the Tar Creek Lead and Zinc Mine in Picher, Oklahoma, which long-term BLDGBLOG readers might remember as the town at risk from cave-ins. As the Washington Post reported in 2007, "Trucks traveling along the highway are diverted around Picher for fear that the hollowed-out mines under the town would cause the streets to collapse under the weight of big rigs." The unlucky town was then gutted by a tornado in 2008.

Langevin's and Norris's work highlights the area's surreal, almost Cappadocian landscape: "Dozens of waste rock piles, some up to 13-storeys high," they write, "and contaminated ground and surface water are the legacy of mining operations in the area, which produced a significant portion of the lead used in the World Wars."

[Images: Photos of waste rock piles in Picher; (top) Jason Stair, (bottom) Moonlight Cocktail Photography. Photos via the architects].

The architects specifically propose "a structure that raises the solar energy infrastructure off the ground [and] creates the opportunity to host other activities on the site, as well as to remediate the polluted ground and waterways. The concrete structure, pre-fabricated using waste rock material from the site, is assembled in a modular fashion from a kit of parts that accommodates a variety of programs."

[Image: The "kit of parts"].

"Importantly," the architects add, "the hollow structure also acts as a conduit to carry water, energy, waste—all the infrastructure for human habitation—to all inhabited areas of the site."
The result is a three-tiered plan: the topmost layer is devoted to solar energy development and production: testing the latest solar technology and producing a surplus of energy for the site and its surroundings. This layer is also the starting point for water management on the site. Rainwater is collected as needed and transported through the structure to one of several treatment plants around the radial plan. The middle layer is the place of dwelling and exploration of the site. As the need for space grows, beams are added to create this inhabited layer: the beams act as a pedestrian and cycling circulation system, but also the infrastructure for dwelling and automated transit. Finally, the ground layer becomes a laboratory for bioremediation of the ground and water systems. Passive treatment of both the waste water from the site and of the acid mine drainage is coupled with a connected system of boardwalks to allow inhabitants and visitors to experience both the industrial inheritance of the site and the renewed hope for its future.
It's a bit of a Swiss Army knife—in the sense that it tries to solve everything and have a solution for every possible challenge—with the effect that the architects seem to under-emphasize the titanic supergrid that clearly defines the overall proposal. It's as if the proposal is so large—more landform building than architectural undertaking—that even the architects lose sight of it, focusing instead on individual systems in their description.

[Images: A wanderer above the sea of white cubes gazes at the Picher supergrid].

But inside this continuous and monumental space frame, whole communities could live—the "infrastructure for dwelling" and "pedestrian and cycling circulation system"—surrounded by a toxic geography for which the grid itself serves as both sublime filter and possible remedy.

[Images: More views inside the supergrid; second image is simply a detail from the first (view larger)].

The model for the project is pretty great, and I would love to see it in person: a cavernous grid envelopes the site's artificial topography, wrapping tailings piles and hills of waste rock, whilst treading lightly on ground too thin to hold the weight of architecture.

[Images: The model, by Clint Langevin and Amy Norris].

You can see more—including aerial maps and structural details, such as the placement of solar panels—at Langevin's and Norris's site.

0 Sea Caverns of Singapore

[Image: Singapore expands beneath the Pacific Ocean; via the BBC].

Singapore has embarked upon the excavation of an underground oil reserve, expanding the city's industrial port beneath the floor of the Pacific Ocean. It is "no ordinary construction site," the BBC tells us, but an elaborate project of engineering and infrastructure currently underway "several hundred feet underground, below the seabed in Singapore."

There, workers are "laboring around the clock to carve out an enormous network of caverns that will eventually store vast amounts of oil."

[Images: Singapore expands beneath the Pacific Ocean; via the BBC].

More specifically, "Five oil storage caverns are being dug out under the seabed of Banyan Basin, off Jurong island, a series of mostly-reclaimed islands that house most of Singapore's petrochemical industry."

Artificial caverns built offshore from manmade islands?

The terrestrial mechanics of Singapore's existence are increasingly interesting, if ecologically problematic. As Pruned's recent look at the city's sand-importation economy shows, the island-nation exists through a near-ceaseless act of geological accumulation, piecing itself together and expanding from the inside out using deposits of earth taken from neighboring countries.

Singapore, Pruned writes, "has been reclaiming land from the sea since the mid-1960s, expanding its total land area by nearly 25% as a result. And it's still growing. With no hinterlands to supply it with natural resources, however, it has to import sand, the primary landfill material. But exactly where, the Singaporean government does not disclose. Its supply lines are not public information."

Earlier this year, we looked at the idea of forensic geology, whereby even a single piece of sand can be tracked back to its terrestrial origins. As that link explains, the source of electronics-grade silicon is often deliberately occluded from public documents, treated as an industrial trade secret. Here, though, it is not microchips but internationally recognized political territory that is being mined, traded, and assembled—a black economy without audit or receipts.

Singapore's off-the-books experiment in sovereign expansion—not through military conquest but through intelligent geotextiles, Herculean dredging projects, and, of course, new undersea caverns—is perhaps a kind of limit-case in how nation-states not only utilize natural resources but literally build themselves from the ground up (and down) as political acts of landscape architecture.

(Earlier on BLDGBLOG: Artificial Caverns Expanding Beneath Chicago).

0 Dynamic Views, New Blogger Templates

Blogger launched in March five blog views that used cutting-edge technologies to transform a blog into a Web app. Back then, visitors had to enter a special URL like gmailblog.blogspot.com/view/sidebar or install a Chrome extension to switch to one of the new interfaces. Six months later, Blogger created two new views (classic and magazine) and added the list of dynamic views to Blogger's template editing section so that blog authors can replace their template with one of the seven views that are now available.

There are three kinds of dynamic views: photo-oriented templates (flipcard, mosaic, snapshot), text-oriented templates (classic, sidebar) and magazine-like templates (magazine, timeslide). If you don't have a photoblog, classic, sidebar and magazine are the best dynamic views for your blog. Blogger's new templates bring a lot cool features and change the way readers interact with a blog. Infinite scrolling replaces pagination, blog posts are loaded using AJAX, Blogger caches blog posts so they load faster, images are downloaded as you browse, you can use keyboard shortcuts (j/k or n/p) to go to the next or previous post just like in Google Reader. There's also instant search that shows the list of results as you type.

While dynamic views have many cool features, there are also many downsides. They're not very customizable: you can only upload a header image and customize the background colors. When you pick one of the views, all the gadgets you've added will disappear. It's also annoying that blog posts no longer open in separate pages: they open either in lightbox-like panes or in a homepage-like interface, next to other posts (here's an example). Just like the mobile template, dynamic views only work with Blogger's commenting system, so you won't be able to use Disqus. It will be interesting to see how search engines handle the new templates, considering that blog posts are loaded using JavaScript and HTML pages are almost empty.

I don't intend to switch to one of the dynamic views, but my favorite templates are sidebar and magazine. You can always bookmark these links or use Google's Chrome extension, which needs to be updated to add support for the two new dynamic views. Some Google blogs have already switched to the new templates: Blogger Buzz, Gmail Blog, Google Docs Blog and LatLong.

0 Google Reader, Replaced by Google Sites in the Navigation Bar

Google Reader users probably noticed that the feed reader has been replaced by Google Sites in the main navigation bar. To visit Google Reader, they need to click "More" and then click "Reader" in the list of Google services.

Unlike the last time when Reader was replaced by Google Sites, this time is not an accident. A Google employee explained that this is a permanent change.
While the link to Reader has moved, you can continue to access Google Reader under the "More" dropdown. Or, you can also set a specific bookmark to reader.google.com for one-click access. Depending your browser, try dragging http://reader.google.com right from this post onto the bookmark bar on your browser (usually below the URL bar).

Google has usually made changes in the navigation based on the popularity of the services and it's likely that Reader's popularity is declining, while Google Sites gains more users. According to Google Trends, the queries [google reader] and [google sites] have almost the same search volume in the US.

Like Picasa Web Albums, Google Reader doesn't have a new interface based on Google+. The latest features added to Google Reader were comment moderation and integration with Google Buzz, a service that will soon disappear.

{ Thanks, Cougar. }

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0 How to Stay On-Task...Every Day

Do you have trouble staying focused?

Whether you work for yourself or for an employer, spending hours surfing the net and updating your Facebook profile won’t get you any closer to your goals ... yet you find it hard to keep on-task.

Even when you do try to concentrate, you might get to 5pm and feel like you’ve not accomplished anything.

Here’s how to stay focused and get more done – every day.

Minimize Interruptions
If you live alone and work from home, interruptions are unlikely to be a big problem. If you work in a busy office and your job involves a lot of reactive tasks, like answering phone calls or emails from clients, you might be getting interrupted every few minutes.

Your target isn’t to cut out interruptions altogether – that’s not realistic – but to get rid of as many as you can. Some good ways to start are:
  • Close your email program – if necessary, check it once every 30 minutes to ensure there’s nothing genuinely urgent

  • Let your phone go to voicemail – or ask a colleague to cover it for an hour or two. (You can always return the favor at a later point.)

  • Shut your office door. If you work in an open-plan office with other colleagues, putting on headphones will make others think twice about interrupting you to chat: it doesn’t matter whether you’re actually listening to music or not.
Get Prepared
Some tasks need a lot of concentration – like writing a report, coming up with a plan, or analyzing some complex data. If you’re tackling one of those, you don’t want to be breaking off every few minutes to find the right file. You definitely don’t want to be re-opening your email program to search for a crucial bit of information.

Before you get started on a big task, take a few minutes to make sure:
  • You’ve got the information you’ll need (e.g. pull up relevant documents, make a quick phone call or print out emails)

  • You’re physically comfortable. Grab a glass of water or a coffee, get a snack, or go to the bathroom if necessary.

  • You’ve cleared some space on your desk so that you can spread out any necessary files.
Avoid Distractions
There are plenty of tools that can help you to avoid distractions, like software to block certain internet sites (for all the Twitter addicts out there), or programs that run full-screen so that you only see what you’re working on.

If you find a tool that helps you, then use it, but remember that distractions don’t just come from your environment – they also pop up in your mind.

You might be bored or struggling on a task, and get the urge to check your email or just idly surf the net. You might suddenly remember something that you need to take care of.

A couple of things that you might helpful are:
  1. Label the distraction in your mind. Think to yourself “I have an urge to check my email” or “I’m feeling the impulse to surf the net”. That might sound a bit daft (and you probably won’t want to start saying it out loud), but simply recognizing your tendency to get off-track can help you stay on the rails!

  2. If you remember something that you need to take care of, make a note of it on a piece of paper or in your notebook. It can almost certainly wait an hour or two until you’ve finished your current task – and writing it down means that you can stop paying attention to it until then.
It’s hugely satisfying to finish your work day and feel a great sense of accomplishment. Cut out the interruptions and distractions that are knocking you off-task, and you’ll see how much more you can get done.

What sort of work environment do you have, and what challenges do you face that make it tricky for you to stay on-task? How do you tackle them? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Written on 9/27/2011 by Ali Luke. Ali writes a blog, Aliventures, about leading a productive and purposeful life (get the RSS feed here). As well as blogging, she writes fiction, and is studying for an MA in Creative Writing.Photo Credit: Editor B

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0 I'm Stripping!

p/s: One longass new post below this advert


And it's not what you think it is!

I'm stripping off my falsies!

For the past week I've been going out with only mascara for a change.

Now, falsies have always been a must have for me because they give great impact, are fuss-free, and lasts.

And now we have mascara that will do just all that!

People prefer mascara for loads of reasons. The most common one is that they don't know how to apply falsies. Another is that mascara is not as "exaggerated" a look - perhaps falsies are too dramatic for everyday wear.

If you are a big fan of mascara, now you can try the new mascaras from ZA!! The Impact Lash Mascara comes in 4 different types to suit all your needs!

Wide Eyes

This is my favourite! This mascara contains glossy oil, which gives a lustrous effect to your lashes. The brush is super unique and comes with a extra small jaggy coil with an extrafine pitch comb on the other side, ensuring every single lash gets fanned out and coated, giving you that dolly gyaru innocent look!

The end result is even and beautifully fanned out lashes that is non-clumpy.


If you have long lashes but too little of them, Volume is the way to go. The Volume-up Wax thickens and defines each and every lash. The brush holds the mascara evenly and is specially designed to fit Asian eyelids perfectly.


And of course everyone wants longer lashes! See the little fibres in the mascara? This helps you to make your lashes become whatever length you want!

Last but not least, Mascara Base.

You can see me applying it here. Prime lashes for maximum volume, length and separating effects while enhancing curl power and the adherence of your mascaras.

I love this base coz not only does it care for our fragile lashes with treatment complex, it has fibres in it to lengthen! :D

I was presented with a "Go Go Kit" by the awesomesauce Za girls with all these new products:

Inside contains all these pretty stuff like Za products, hair accessories, a mirror, and even *gasp* a spanking new Panasonic Lumix GF3 camera for me!! :') Why they so nice one!! ♥♥♥

The girls also told me the secret to achieving gyaru eyes is "layering". The correct order is to apply the base first, wait a while for it to dry, Wide Eyes, Volume, then Long, so here goes:

Applying Wide Eyes. Fanned out lashes!

Look how super long and kawaii!! No photoshop on the lashes at all!

And the end result after I apply a coat of Volume and Long:

TADAH!! I'm loving how my lashes really open up my eyes!

And in case you are wondering, I am using only Za products on my eye make up!
No falsies for me.

Their Ever brows eyebrow pencils have always been a best seller because not only is it rotatable so there is no need to sharpen, the end has a brush so you can even out harshness after defining your brows!

Perfect brows

They come in a variety of colours too to suit all skin tones and hair colours, and my favourite is Honey Brown, which is a light ashy brown colour. Suitable even for people with very light hair.

And my eyeliner? It's the new Liquid Eyeliner from ZA!

Deep jet black colour and it's super long lasting. 
No smudging or fading. Waterproof.

The tip is so fine it's ridiculous!

Check out the minute imprint of my Chinese name drawn by the Liquid Eyeliner. LOL

Interested to buy ZA's smashing new products yet? 


Show you the prize first to entice you:

It is a gorgeous PINK Panasonic Lumix FX 78 camera! The camera even has a cosmetics and touch up function so I'm sure you girls will look gorgeous with it.

And the best part? This is not a lucky draw so whoever takes part and meets the requirement will win prizes!!


First, you purchase any of Za's new products (Za Impact Lash Mascaras, Ever Brows, Everliners, and Liquid eyeliner) and keep the receipt.

See the poses these ZA ambassadors are in?

Have fun with your friends and snap snap snap away!

Upload 20 photos: Win a $50 goodie bag

Upload 50 photos: Win $200 goodie bag

Upload 100 photos: Win $1,000 goodie bag, including the LX 78!

Awesome prizes or what? The camera is limited to the first 5 snap shotters only so HURRY UP!!

Here's a picture of me with Qiuqiu wearing mascara only!! Ok sorry I forgot to ask her to pose with me in the picture so here is my Forever Alone version of the ambassadors' poses:

FML I cannot wink. When I tried I looked like I had a toothache and I was pulling out a tooth. This pose is difficulty level 28 or something.

And double FML all the pictures I took turned out mirror imaged. *bimbo

Impact Lash Mascaras all at $17.50 each, with the except of Mascara Base at $15.90! Available at Watsons or any other cosmetic shops.

Have fun joining ok?

Last gratuitous photo of myself


0 Pixar for Cars 2!

OMG I'm so backdated with my photos... Anyway photos from my trip to San Francisco again, this time to visit Pixar for the second time for Cars 2!

(For my first trip to Pixar you can click HERE)

Stayed at Four Seasons again, along imho the best street in SF - Market Street!

Huge 4 storey Juicy store, ginormous flagship F21 store, H&M, Abercrombie etc all within walking distance. :D

Didn't really feel like snapping a lot of pictures coz I was there alone and seriously, I get enough weird looks without taking out a blinged out camera...

First thing I did was to order food!

The kid's menu is so cute with food related jokes! I'm sorry I forgot the answers to those joke questions wtf.

I ordered Halibut coz the last time I had it it was so freaking delicious, but I think Four Seasons changed their menu/chef and this time round it's only mediocre. :(

Still, truffle fries are always good!

Emergency sign I saw along the corridor... I found it so funny that they had to make an onomatopoeia of the alarm I had to take a picture!! Seriously? Alarms never sound like "whoop whoop whoop", right? LOL woop woop woop is the sound Zoidberg makes!

Lonely lunch looking out of the window the next day.

This is my lunch set and it was quite horrible. :(

And I got ready for my Pixar 25th anniversary party!

On the bus there. Seriously, I must have at least a dozen of pictures of myself with someone staring at me with intense hatred at the background while I camwhore. I must appear very unlikeable. :( I blame the blonde hair.

What were you doing on April Fools' Day?

I was trying to spot secret hidden Pixar related emblems embedded in the new HUGE Pixar building.

In case you don't already know, Pixar is expanding their office space and it used to be this one hugeass airy, clean, steel sorta building but they built a new separate building next to it and it has a homey, country, cozy feel with red bricks, wood everywhere and even a fireplace!

The steel one reflects the taste of Steve Jobs (largest shareholder of Pixar) and the country one reflects the taste of John Lasseter, Pixar's Chief Creative Officer!

Heya Lotso!

I was not supposed to snap photos of these but talent needs to be shared!

Pixar store. Merchandise here strictly not sold anywhere else. :D

Last time I came the posters were all of Toy Story 3 but now it's all Cars 2!

Giant sofa!

I feel dwarfed!

No flash = no need for photoshop. The thighs a bit fat but I can deal with that.

In case you are wondering why I said I was attending a party and yet am shooting all these Forever Alone pictures, it is because, as you can see in the background, everyone is mingling up there.

I didn't know anybody so I felt terribly out of place. :(

And the worst thing is everybody there who is not from Pixar knows Pixar inside out so they can chat with the Pixar staff knowing their job scopes and names but I don't know most of them so I was really afraid it would be insulting them if I chat to them and ask them who they are!!

Plus small talk is soooooo awkward!

So I escaped downstairs to randomly snap pictures.

And yes this is an Acadamy Award!!

I felt so awed when I saw it coz Oscars are so freaking RARE and there were a few right there before my eyes in the Pixar display cabinet.

To Finding Nemo for Best Animated Film

Giant painting at the main hall changed too, from Buzz and Woody to Lightning Mcqueen and his friends.

I had one day off on my 4 day Cars 2 trip so as I mentioned before I flew to LA to meet Michelle Phan!

I bought the "to" ticket for March 31st. Naturally when I tried to buy the "fro" ticket the automatic system brought up the calender for April. Instead of clicking backwards to March 31st, I went to click forward and brought a ticket for May 31st.

Mar 31st and May 31st looks the same ok!


Thank god Delta is freaking awesome and had a flight back for me. I had to top up $100.

Michelle picked me up from the airport and brought me to Santa Monica!! Gorgeous

Californian weather is so perfect!

She's looking perfect as usual. What's new?

We bought Wetzel Pretzels to eat!! What do you mean I look like I have a penis?

Michelle insisted on cheese dips for the hot dogs. YUM

After shopping we spent some time just chilling at her place while the telly is on. This was the first time I watched LOTR in startlingly clear HD and we kept making bimbo comments on the characters' clothes, skin and hair etc. It was crazy silly fun.

Michelle setting up her camera to film our haul video. She has makeup books and makeup scattered everywhere! LOL

There she is updating the video. She even started to do editing on the spot. -_- 
talk about workaholic.

Michelle and Carl treating me to an awesome seafood dinner! 
LA traffic is horrible, took us an hour to get there.

Me! With my crab chowder and bits of parsley picked off something...

Carl and Michelle

My super yummy scallops!

In love with my Toki doki makeup from Sephora ♥

Bought a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick from Sephora coz Michelle recommended it. Accidentally stole hers coz I thought the one on the couch was the one I bought. :(

And that's it! Flew back to SF. Concussed.

Final day at Pixar:

Should I bring a strawberry smelling Lotso home?

Ready for an awesome picture?


Me with John Lasseter after my interview with him!!

He is super nice and funny!

And I now can haz a Toy Story 3 poster with his signature on it :)

If you are wondering where the interview is, here it is, my Guide to Life on Cars 2!

And I got to watch 20 mins of footage from Cars 2 (yet to be completed then). It was so awesome!! Spy thriller style and super fast paced with heart warming friendship all put in of course. :D

Spot the little caterpillar

Real Ken and Barbie dolls, inspiration for their characters on Toy Story 3.

Oooooo... The Claw.....

Last pic in Pixar

Was so happy to find "roast duck rice" in the airport I paid $9usd for this or something. I expected SG portions but the duck is GINORMOUS and super delicious. Worth the money!

Ending this blog post with a picture of a man walking in front of me with an SQ sticker on his butt. I don't know why but maybe it's after 20 hours of flying, I found this hilarious.
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