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0 Over and Out

[Video: A kind of deltaic 3D printer, printing variable landscapes into existence, from Riparian Rap].

I thought I'd end the year with this quick video of some riverine landscape modeling exercises built through the constant back and forth washes and cross-flows of a self-resurfacing deltaic 3D-printer—and then I'll see you in 2011.

(Video spotted via @clasticdetritus).

0 7 Secrets of the Super Organized

A few years ago, my life was a mess. So was my house, my desk, my mind. Then I learned, one by one, a few habits that got me completely organized.

Am I perfect? Of course not, and I don't aim to be. But I know where everything is, I know what I need to do today, I don't forget things most of the time, and my house is uncluttered and relatively clean (well, as clean as you can get when you have toddlers and big kids running around).

So what's the secret? In truth, there aren't any secrets. There are simple habits that you can develop over time that will get you to where you want to be. These are habits that you can apply to your work, your home, your kids, your hobbies, your life. Instead of giving you specifics for how to organize something specific, like your desk or your closet, I provide principles that you can use over and over in every situation.

Are these obvious principles? Sure, if you stop to think about them. You've read them in various other places. But you might not be applying them to your daily life, and that's where the problem lies. I'm just providing you with a step-by-step guide to what actually works, based on my experience and that of others.

If your life is a mess, like mine was, I don't recommend trying to get organized all in one shot. It's overwhelming. Instead, start with the first habit, and work your way down. Do it a little at a time, one area of your life at a time, one area of your home or office at a time. Work on a habit for a month or so, then move on to the next one. Or adopt two or three if you think you can handle it, but don't do them all at once. I also recommend you set aside some time each day (30 or 60 minutes) for organizing, at least in the beginning, until you are fairly organized and have your system down. Then, you might need 10 minutes a day, just to keep things running smoothly, and every now and then you might need to have a purge session (every 6 months or so) to get rid of accumulated buildup.

So here are the 7 habits:
  1. Reduce before organizing.
    The mistake most people make when trying to organize their stuff or their tasks or their projects is that they have a whole mess of things to organize, and it's too complicated. If you have a closet crammed full of stuff, sure, you can buy a bunch of closet organizers, but in the end, you'll still have a closet crammed full of stuff. Same thing with time management: you can organize a packed schedule, but it'll still be crammed full of tasks. The solution: reduce, eliminate, simplify.

    If you take your closet full of 100 things and throw out all but the 10 things you love and use, now you don't need a fancy closet organizer. Same thing with time management: if you have 20 things to do today, and reduce it to just the three most important tasks, you don't need a schedule anymore.

    How to reduce: take everything out of a closet or drawer or other container (including your schedule), clean it out, and only put back those items you truly love and really use on a regular basis. This will leave you with a pile of other stuff -- get rid of it by tossing it, donating it, selling it or giving it to somebody who will love it. If you can't bear to part with some of the stuff, put it in a "maybe" box and store it in your attic or basement or other storage space. Label it with a description and date, and six months later, when you haven't needed any of it, toss it.

  2. Write it down now, always.
    Our minds are wonderful things, but they leak like a sieve. We don't remember things when we need to remember them, and they continually come up when we don't need them. Instead of using your mind as storage for things you need to remember, write it down. I carry a small pocket notebook wherever I go, and write things down immediately. Then I process the ideas and tasks later into my calendar or to-do list, so I don't forget.

  3. Have one inbox & process.
    Well, actually you need two inboxes - one for home and one for work. But many people have many more than that -- paper comes to their desk and lands in a number of places. Phone messages get placed everywhere. Notes to self are posted all over the place. Instead, have one inbox, and put all incoming stuff in there. Then, once a day (or once a week at home if that works better for you), process the inbox to empty. Take an item out of the inbox and decide what to do with it, right away: toss it, delegate it, file it, put it on your to-do list, or do it now. Do the same thing to the next item, until your inbox is empty. Don't defer these decisions for later.

  4. A place for everything.
    Related to the above tip is to have a place for each item in your life. Where do your car keys go? You should have one place for them (next to the door is best) and you'll never lose them again. Where do your pens go? How about your magazines? I teach my kids to find a "home" for every toy or other item in their rooms (even still, their toys are mostly homeless wanderers, but they're kids) and that's a concept that works for us grown-ups too: each item should have a home, and if it doesn't, we need to designate one. Labels can help you remember where those homes are. Now, if you find something on your table or counter top or on you bed or on your desk, you know that it doesn't belong there. Find its home -- don't just toss something anywhere. The same concept applies to information: do you have one place where you put all your information? If not, try a personal wiki -- it's accessible from work and home, and you can create pages for each type of information in your life -- schedules, goals, to-dos, movies to watch, books to read, notes on projects, etc.

  5. Put it away now.
    Most people have a habit of putting something on a table or counter top or on their desk with the intention of "putting it away later". Well, this is how things get messy and disorganized. Instead, put it away now -- in its home. It only takes a few seconds, and this one habit will save you a lot of cleaning and sorting and organizing later. When you find yourself putting something down, catch yourself, and force yourself to put it away now. After a little while, it will become second nature.

  6. Clean as you go.
    Closely related to Habit 5, this habit is effective because it's much easier to clean things as you work or as you move through your day than to let them pile up and do a big cleaning session later. So if you're cooking, try to wash your dishes as you use them, and wipe the counter, instead of leaving a huge mess. Same principle applies to everything we do. If it's easier to do it in smaller increments, we are more likely to do it. If there is a huge mess to clean, we are more likely to be intimidated or overwhelmed by it and leave it for later.

  7. Develop routines & systems.
    If you've gotten everything uncluttered and organized, you might sit back and enjoy the pleasantness of it. Being organized and having a simplified working environment or home is tremendously satisfying. But the problem is that after a little while, things tend to start to get disorganized and cluttered again. Things tend to gravitate towards chaos. The solution: you need to develop systems to keep your organization in place. For example, the inbox processing mentioned above is a system: you have specific procedures for processing all incoming papers, and you have a routine for doing it (once a day). All systems follow the same guidelines -- specific procedures and a routine that is done at a set interval (three times a day, once a day, once a week, once a month, etc.). It's important that you identify the systems you have in your life (and they exist, even if you don't know they do -- but they may be complicated and chaotic) and write them out so that you can make them efficient, simple, and organized. Develop systems for dealing with paperwork and mail, with kids schedules, with errands and laundry and chores and exercise and everything else. Once those systems are in place, you need to be vigilant about keeping them going, and then things will stay organized.
Written for Dumblittleman.com on 06/07/2007 by Leo Babauta and republished on 12/31/10. Leo offers advice on living life productively simple at his famous Zen Habits blog.Photo Credit: risager

0 Predictions for Google's 2011

1. More free storage in Google Docs: at least 20 GB.

2. A new HTML5 interface for Gmail that loads faster, stores email offline and integrates with other Google apps like Google Calendar and Google Docs.

3. An updated Android keyboard that uses Google Scribd data to provide useful suggestions.

4. Google Earth as a WebGL web app and vector-based maps in Google Maps for desktop.

5. A database of things, where you can store important names, book titles, products, concepts and useful information about them.

6. Data sync for Google Chrome extensions.

7. Chrome for Android, with data sync, web apps, session restore, Cloud Print, built-in Flash and smarter address bar.

8. Google's search engine will answer complex questions using inferences.

9. Google Personal Alerts will notify on your mobile phone if there's something interesting around (one of your friends, a store that offers a discount for one your favorite products, a museum you wanted to visit, a shop recommended by one of your friends).

10. Google will learn to embrace Facebook and will start using Facebook Connect.

11. Google Online Store: the place where you can download Chrome/Android apps and games, e-books, buy magazine subscriptions, music and movies.

12. Android's growth will slow down, but it will be the most popular mobile operating system because many companies will use it to create smart media players, digital cameras, TVs, game consoles and even home appliances.

13. Picasa Web Albums will become a Google Docs app and Picnik will switch to HTML5.

14. Google will acquire Disqus to make it easier to manage your comments and to improve Blogger's commenting system.

15. Google Profiles will no longer be optional: when you create a Google/Gmail account, you'll also create a profile.

16. Voice search and visual search for desktop.

17. Google will buy LastPass and offer an online password manager.

18. Google Wave will be resurrected, but it will have a simplified interface.

19. An online music player that will let you listen music from the Google Store or Google Docs, podcasts from Google Reader, online radios and more.

20. Google Fast Flip for web search powered by Google Instant Previews.

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0 8 Signs That It's Time to Look for a New Job

There are good jobs, bad jobs, and jobs that make you want to gouge your eyes out with a soup spoon. Most of us can take the good with the bad, but when things at work are continuously awful, it's time to start thinking about a change.

Listen, I get that we can't all be Lego assembly testers, video game reviewers, or rock stars, but come on...how how much misery should we take before we start planning a job move?

Having been in a job I'm unhappy with for 9 years, I can certainly speak from experience when it comes to knowing when enough is enough. I consider myself an expert when it comes to finding reasons to quit.

Here are 8 signs that you need to find a different job:
  1. You area miserable S.O.B.
    Now, there are plenty of miserable people in this world and there could be a million different reasons for it. However, if your job is sucking all the joy from your life and is making your and your coworkers lives miserable, it's time to move on. Work won't always be a bed of roses and one needs to persevere, but there are limits.

  2. You dread going into work.
    Most people, if they had the choice, would opt not to go to work everyday. That's completely normal and reasonable. If you're anything like me, you probably try to think of as many ways you can get out of work as possible. How to you feel when that alarm clock goes off in the morning? Tired is fine; full of fear and stress is not.

  3. It's affecting your health.
    If you work with asbestos or in a coal mine, your job IS affecting your health. However, if you're a desk jockey and are not subjected to carcinogens all day long, that doesn't mean your health won't be compromised. Chronic stress has some serious adverse health effects.

  4. It's stealing your dreams.
    If you find yourself settling for a job you hate, it's time to wake up. Maybe you're too lazy to try to find another one. Maybe you're worried about job market conditions. Maybe you don't have the confidence to go out and make it happen for yourself. Whatever it is, change it. Do not give up on your dreams, EVER! I am not saying to quit and then look. I am saying that you should at least allocate some time to looking for another job and then making a move when the timing is right for your family, finances, etc.

  5. There is no room for growth.
    We all strive to better ourselves, or at least we should. Personal growth is something that every individual should experience. If it's being stifled by your job, it's time to pack it in. If you feel that regardless of your efforts and results that your current position is destined to be your only position, consider moving.

  6. You know it's the wrong job.
    When you were in high school and working at Wendy's or KFC, you knew it was temporary. However, when we're in the real world, we work for a living. We spend 40+ hours each week in our jobs. If we have chosen one that we know is not the right one for us, we must take action. It may take us 15 years to find the right job, but we need to find what makes us happy.

  7. It's not aligned with your values.
    Working at a job you don't like just for a paycheck is one thing. However, when you're in a job that is not at all in line with your values or morals, that's a real problem. For example, I work in the financial services industry. From what I've seen over the last 9 years, the primary theme is greed. It's amazing how prevalent greed is in this business and it makes me sick. I don't consider myself greedy, so being around money hungry sharks every day is a real problem for me. If your company stands for something that you don't believe in, it's time to get that resume out.

  8. It's a complete waste of your time.
    Time is the most valuable commodity on earth. Yes, we all have to work for a living and that takes up our time. But, when the job we are working in is nothing more than a means to an end, it's a waste. Go find something meaningful that will do the world some good. Be different, be bold, make a difference!
Whatever the case may be, if you are extremely unhappy in your current job, do something about it. Don't tell me about the unemployment rate or the "security" of your job. Your daily sanity is worth more than that.

Go find something you love to do!

Written on 12/30/2010 by Steve Roy. Steve is the owner of EndingTheGrind.com, a blog about escaping the daily grind of a 9 to 5 job, building an online business, and living your passions. You can also find him on Twitter at Photo Credit: RLHyde

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0 Top Google Apps in 2010

Here's a subjective list of Google services that were launched or were significantly improved in 2010:

10. Google Scribe - a service that shows autocomplete suggestions as you type. It will probably become as popular as Google Suggest and Google Translate once its integrated with other services.

9. Voice Actions for Android - an application that lets you control your phone using your voice. You can call your contacts, send email, get directions, listen to music, write notes and go to a website.

8. Gmail added many business-related features (Priority Inbox, email delegation, turning off conversation view), improved Gmail Chat (calling phones, video chat for Linux), added a new contact manager, more ways to attach files, Gmail for iPad, Buzz integration, search autocomplete, YouTube previews and rich text signatures.

7. Google Buzz - despite the initial privacy brouhaha, Google Buzz is the best Google service released in 2010. Even if it's less than one year old, Buzz already has an impressive set of features, a powerful API, it's integrated with many services and has a cool factor that's missing from other Google social products. Unfortunately for Google, Buzz is not yet very popular.

6. Blogger added a lot of important missing features: comment management, comment spam filtering, dynamic templates, a new post editor, better post preview, real-time stats, static pages and much more.

5. Google Docs - a new document editor, faster Google Spreadsheets, a collaborative drawing editor, a new equation editor, mobile editing, a more consistent interface, uploading any kind of files.

4. Google Maps - vector-based maps for Android, Google Latitude for iPhone, a new local search service (Google Places), social local business reccomendations, biking directions, walking navigation, Google Earth as a tab in Google Maps, search suggestions.

3. Chrome - 5 major versions released, support for Mac and Linux, a simplified interface, faster browsing, autofill, sync, Google Translate integration, bundled sandboxed plugins for Flash and PDF files, Chrome Web Store.

2. Google Search has changed a lot this year and there were many user interface changes: from Google Instant to Instant Previews, from interactive doodles to custom backgrounds for the homepage, from vertical navigation menus to a consistent interface for most Google search services. Google also launched a completely new interface for image search that lets you explore more images and a new search index with real-time updates.

1. Android - two important releases (Froyo, Gingerbread), huge growth (from 1.4 million smartphones sold in the third quarter of 2009 to 20.5 million phones one year later - according to Gartner) and a lot of new devices, including tablets, TVs, consoles, media players and e-book readers. It's probably the fastest growing product released by Google.

0 A Collection of YouTube Error Pages

For some reason, reading a message like "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group. Sorry about that." when trying to watch a YouTube video is no longer disconcerting. YouTube's new error pages are so endearing and quirky that you'll forget you can't watch certain videos. They remind me of Chrome's sad tab and Apple's sad Mac or sad iPod icon.

0 How to Turn Up The Heat On Your Hot Button

Have you ever shaken hands with someone and their handshake resembled the very nature of a cold fish? Lifeless. Powerless. Unimpressive. Well the life at the end of that cold fish handshake is probably cold as well.

But I have great news for you. We weren’t born to be cold. We were born to be molten hot. The frozen food section of life is neither yours nor my destiny.

So let me heat you up, defrost you in fact and even bring you to not only the boiling point nor even the melting point – but in fact to your personal ignition point. Your personal flash will begin by me first lighting the spark within you, and by then igniting your internal dynamite that is set to explode.

Here are 4 ignition points that can take you from a state of coldness, or even lukewarmness and turn you into a blazing fireball that will radiate beyond your immediate sphere to the point that you could find yourself influencing people’s lives to the very reaches of the planet.
  1. Ignition Point 1: Identify Your Hot Button
    The trouble with most of us is that we’re so busy living a lukewarm life that we never take time out to really identify what really get us fired up.

    It requires concentrated effort to stop and identify what is your hot button. Yes, the thing that really fires you up. The passion. The dream. The talent. The joy. The spark. The blaze.

    At one point in my life I set aside three days in the pursuit of that very thing. My life was rolling along – like the rest of my peers – but there was within me a dissatisfaction with the status quo and with the direction my life was heading at that time – and I was actually experiencing quite a bit of success – but I knew that my current activities were not fully aligned with my deep passions. And unless I took time out from my busy schedule to clearly identify my hot button I was destined for one thing – and that was burnout.

    Those three days – although I have traveled down many diverse paths since then – have been the defining days that have continued to draw me pack to my passion, my purpose, the reason I breathe, my destiny and of course my hot button.

    Right now in my life I feel that I am sizzling because I’m once again being true to myself and true to the original vision that I had birthed within my life during those three days.

  2. Ignition Point 2: Identify Your Cold Button
    I have tried many things throughout my life. And no – not every moment has been a moment of defining success. Many valleys have been passed through to reach the mountain tops. But those valleys have confirmed to me time and time again that my success is just as much about identifying my cold buttons as it is to pressing my hot buttons.

    No human being can be good at everything. Yes I am sad to inform you – but you and I have weaknesses. There are many things that we can’t do. In fact, there are probably more things that you can’t do than you can do. So why waste a moment pursuing the things you can’t do. Rather concentrate on doing the things that you can do well.

    But first you have to identify them.

    So how do you identify your cold buttons? By having a go and failing.

    That’s why I have never been afraid to try new things. And I have never been afraid to encourage my children to attempt new ventures.

    And if we fail – we respond with the one successful question. What did I learn from my failure experience? That way failure has just become part of your academic staff that has guided you towards success.

  3. Ignition Point 3: Delegate Your Cold Button
    So once you have identified your cold button, what do you do with it?

    This is where you need to surround yourself with a team of people where your cold buttons are actually their hot button. They love doing that stuff that you are not good at – and they do it with a spirit of excellence.

    So while you are off pushing your hot button and reaping the rewards associated with being someone who keeps turning up the heat in that area – your team members are pushing your cold buttons – because they are still necessary for your overall success – but man they are hot. They are strong in those areas. They are competent in those areas. And by pressing their hot button that is in alignment with you and supportive of you – they actually make you look darn hot.

  4. Ignition Point 4 Turn Up The Heat On Your Hot Button
    The one thing about a hot button is this: If you don’t keep applying heat to your hot button it could end up being transformed into a frozen button.

    So yes, it’s time to jump out of the frying pan and straight into the fire.

    None of us have ever arrived – so we’re going to have to continue to put pressure on our hot button, maybe even go to hot button school for some more tuition, or even find mentors who are even hotter than us and add their heat to our heat so as to achieve even more increased heat along the way. For this is the vital importance of ongoing education and learning.

    Until the day you and I leave this earth we should never stop being the student. We must humbly sit at the feet of the masters – both alive and dead - and learn, for there is always more to learn.
So have you discovered your hot button yet? If not, make this year your year of the hot button. Don’t accept mediocrity as your lot in life. You were born to burn. So draw aside and set yourself on fire – internally – by identifying and then turning up the heat on your hot button.


So that the rest of us can all benefit from the warmth generated by your life both now and into the future.

What is your hot button, and what are you going to turn up the heat on in the coming year?

Motivational Memo: Pursue and develop the burning desire to live a blazing life – and then declare to the world ‘Watch me burn!’

Written on 12/29/2009 by Peter G. James Sinclair . Peter is in the 'heart to heart' resuscitation business and inspires, motivates and equips others to be all that they’ve been created to become. Receive your free inhalation of 'motivational' life by subscribing to his Motivational Memo Blog today!Photo Credit: jurvetson

0 Google's First OneBox for Web Search Results

Google started to show the most relevant web page at the top of the video search results. The strange OneBox result is only displayed for navigational queries, which usually return a single significant result.

To try this feature, go to Google's homepage, enter a random query, then click "Videos" in the sidebar and enter a navigational query (for example: microsoft).

Sometimes the ads and the top result take so much space that they push video results below the fold.

0 Google Tests Gmail Ads Below Messages

Google tests a new ad block below messages. It's not available to everyone, so Google probably tests its effectiveness.

Jordon, a Gmail user who spotted the new ad format, thinks it's "a bit more direct than other GMail ads", while Daniel Spiewak finds it annoying. It's certainly more noticeable than the ads from the right sidebar and you might accidentally click it when you try to reply to a message.

{ Thanks, Websonic, Jordon and Vasu. }

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0 2010 in a nutshell

Got a new DSLR camera and a ring light, which every other female blogger is using now too. Gave Pumpkin away. Had my biggest advertorial client of a total of 7 posts from Essential. Got married.

Wedding day

Went to London, where I watched Wicked and ate at a 1 Michelin Star restaurant. Removed my tongue stud. Did plastic surgery on my eyes - made no difference so I started wearing eyelid tape.

Newly cut eyes

Gave a presentation to over 300 people in the Canon Symposium. Went to Bintan for Gillian's birthday. Flew to Dallas, Texas in May, and in December again where I blew up fireworks for the first time. When to Kuala Lumpur in May for a press conference, and again in August for a shopping advert.

With my favourite KL girls Cheesie and Audrey

Got on Shin min, Cleo, Style Weddings etc. Nanolove passed away. Started to be a skincare freak. Started on invisalign to get straight teeth.

Wearing my aligners for the first time

Went to Tokyo where I had the best ramen I've ever eaten and shopped in the famed Shibuya 109. Made a video with top female youtube star Michelle Phan, which was the top freaking viewed video on Nov 10, 2010.

Invited to Tbilisi, Georgia, to give a talk about vlogging. Started learning Japanese. Painted a self portrait. Invited to the awesome Pixar studios in San Francisco with 15 vloggers chosen worldwide to watch Toy Story 3 before everyone else; met director Lee Unkrich.

With the director and producer of Toy Story 3

Went on a sponsored trip to Phuket with Mike, where we stayed in a villa like royalty. Flew to Los Angeles to watch Rapunzel, a Tangled Tale and interview Mandy Moore and Zachery Levi.

Why hello there!

That about sums up my year!! Can't believe I got out of the country (if you don't count JB) 10 freaking times! Madness! 2010 has been a great year for me. :) There were probably some bad stuff that happened too but I can't remember most of them coz my memory is super bad wtf. I think it's some subconscious ability to forgot the shitty.

If you are bored you can click the links if you haven't already read them all.

Hopefully life gets even better come 2011!! :D

How was your year?

0 Last Year's Predictions for 2010

Last year, I tried to predict what will happen in 2010 in the Google world. Here are the hits and misses:

1. Google Chrome's bookmark sync will be extended to sync the documents stored in Google Docs.

Not yet.

2. Google will launch a service that indexes and ranks web applications.

It's not exactly what I predicted, but Chrome Web Store could become a search engine for web apps.

3. Google will use different interfaces for displaying search results, depending on your query.

If you use a query that returns a lot of useful local search results, Google mixes local search results with regular web search results, while showing a small map in the right sidebar.

4. Google's search engine will group related results.

This feature is not available.

5. Google Image Search will let you upload an image and will show related images from the web.

You still need to use Google Goggles or TinEye.

6. Google Street View's images will become searchable and Google will start to show information about different places in Street View.

7. Google will release an online development environment optimized for building web applications.

Not yet.

8. An open platform for search experiments: tweak Google's ranking factors, customize the interface and create a better search engine.

Not yet.

9. Android will have more users than Windows Mobile.

According to Comscore, Android surpassed Windows Mobile in the US in July. Gartner estimates that more than 20 million Android phones were sold in the third quarter of 2010. That's 40% of the Windows Mobile devices sold until 2008.

10. Many browsers will copy Google Chrome's features: the simplified interface, the rapid development model, the lightweight extensions, sandboxing, compiling JavaScript code.

Safari and Opera added support for lightweight extensions, Firefox 4 dropped the status bar, almost all browsers dropped the classic menu bar, Internet Explorer 9 is surprisingly fast and standards-compliant.

11. Google Drive will finally launch, but it will only be an extended version of Google Docs. Instead of sending attachments, you'll be able to upload files to Google Drive from Gmail.

You can now upload any kind of file to Google Docs.

12. Google Wave won't become successful, but its features will be used in other Google products.

Google Wave has been discontinued, but many of its features are used in other services: the new Google Docs editor, Shared Spaces, contextual spell checking in Google Search.

13. Google will buy True Knowledge and will launch a fact search engine.

Google bought Metaweb, the company that developed Freebase, an "open, shared database of the world's knowledge".

14. Gmail's spam filtering algorithms will be more transparent and you'll be able to define custom rules for flagging messages as spam.

Google found an interesting way to make filtering messages more flexible: Gmail Priority Inbox. You can define custom rules for messages that aren't important and Google explains why certain messages are classified as important or not important.

15. Google Trends will show popular web sites from different categories.


16. Google Desktop will be discontinued and replaced by Google Quick Search Box.


17. If you use Google Chrome, you'll be able to use the most important features of Chrome OS.

Most of the Chrome OS features are available in Google Chrome: Cloud Print, integration with Chrome Web Store, synchronization, guest mode.

18. Google users will be able to add comments and start conversations if they want to find some information about a hot topic.

Google acquired Aardvark, a social service for answering questions.

19. Google Toolbar will be available for Chrome and Google will start to bundle Chrome with Google Toolbar for IE.


20. Google will buy Spotify and make it available for free.

Google bought Simplify Media and intends to release a music store and an Android application for streaming music.

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0 The 10 Worst Energy Zappers and How to Beat Them

Let's face it. If you are trying to accomplish anything in life, whether it is work, raising a family, or even having fun, you need to have energy. When we run into trouble in the form of bad moods or poor productivity, its usually because we are low on energy. Oddly, many of us willingly subject ourselves daily to factors that suck us dry. Here is a list of the top 10 energy zapping offenders and how you can avoid them.
  1. Lack of SleepDuh, right? Well how come we don't get enough sleep? It needs to be a priority and you need to muster up the proper motivation to make it happen. Now, not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep, but some do. How do you figure out how much you need? Experiment. Measure how much you need by how you feel the next day. Are you dragging with droopy eyelids all day if you only sleep for 7 hours? Then that's not enough. If you feel mostly alert, then you've hit on the right amount for you.
  2. SugarAvoid it. If you must eat sweets try to combine them with fiber which slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Most fruits naturally have both the sweetness and the fiber. The next time you have a candy bar or can of soda, watch for the subsequent energy dip that occurs within 30-60 minutes. Be prepared to nap because that's what you will feel like doing.
  3. CaffeineI'm sorry, but caffeine is the big lie. Don't hate me. It's simply the laws of physics. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Caffeine follows this law. Initially you will see a kick of energy from caffeine, but everyone pays the price later in terms of tiredness, insomnia, or irritability. This is obviously a personal choice, but there are many, including myself, who have improved their life by eliminating or decreasing their caffeine intake. Here is an article with both pros and cons to help you decide if you want to kick the caffeine habit.
  4. Lack of ExerciseIf you don't use it, you lose it. Your muscles store and therefore provide energy. Exercise gives you energy especially if you do it on a regular basis. Shoot for 20-30 minutes everyday to improve your energy levels. Another simple thing you can do is take a 5 minute break every hour to get up from your work to stretch and walk around a bit. So if you're feeling lethargic, get your blood pumping by moving your body. If you're feeling exhausted on a particular day, see #1 and get some rest instead.
  5. Not Enough OxygenMany of us have shallow breathing most of the time. When we do that we're not getting enough oxygen which is the element we need to burn fuel inside our bodies for energy. Deep breathing will serve another important purpose and that is moving fluids through the lymph system. Your lymph system eliminates toxins which in turn frees your body to work on more important things like your goals! What to do: 2-3 times a day take 5 minutes to do 10 slow long deep breaths. Breath in slowly, hold, and then release slowly too. You'll be amazed how good this makes you feel!
  6. Processed FoodsThe more live foods you eat, fruits and vegetables, the more alive you will feel. Seek to eat healthy foods: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and good fats such as found in salmon, walnuts, flax seeds, and olive oil. Here are some additional healthy eating tips.
  7. DehydrationThis is an often overlooked cause of fatigue. When you don't get enough water, blood flow to your organs, including your brain, is slowed down making you tired. At a minimum, be sure to at least drink enough water to replace what you lose through your daily activities. This amount will vary from person to person. While many people scoff at the 8 glasses per day rule, it is indeed a good rule of thumb (as explained here). It is also important to note that your water needs can come from juices and other beverages, but bear in mind that caffeinated drinks will make your body shed water so you may need to drink more if you drink a lot of caffeine. Be safe about it and just drink more water.
  8. StressLife is stressful by definition, but for many of us, we make it worse by overfilling our schedules. Instead, stop trying to do it all. Figure out what is most important to you. Cut out the rest. Trim your schedule. Learn to say no. And try meditation. By simply meditating once or twice a day for 10-20 minutes will make a huge difference in your stress levels. If you're tired in the middle of the day a "meditation nap" is a great way to rejuvenate your energy. Another thing to elevate your happiness and decrease stress is to practice gratitude and be mindful of keeping your internal voice focused on the glass being half full.
  9. Chronic PainDaily pain can take the form of debilitating back pain or as simple as chronic foot pain from wearing tight shoes. The thing with chronic pain is we become used to it to a certain degree. Many people just live with it. This is not good, because chronic pain robs you of energy. Pay attention to your body to identify any pain you are experiencing on a daily basis and come up with a plan to alleviate it. So, for example, if you always feel enormous relief upon taking off your shoes at night, you might want to find more comfortable shoes. If you have sciatica pain you might want to begin a slow regimen of simple stretches such at toe touching and hip opener stretches. If you are having knee pain, and are carrying extra weight, losing some weight might help relieve that daily pain. Other pain relieving strategies include stretching, massage, acupuncture, or a pain management program from a doctor who specializes in this.
  10. Toxic PeoplePeople who are negative can rob some of your energy too if you let them. There are a few actions you can take. Make a commitment to not engage with negative people. Don't fight with them. Don't expect better from them. Instead, try to practice compassion for them. Maybe their negativity is a reflection of pain in their life. Focus on that when having to deal with them. Be kind and make it a point to spend time with positive people every day.
Wishing you tons of energy. Please share your best energy tips with us in the comments!
Written on 1/07/2008 by K. Stone, the author of of Life Learning Today, a blog about daily life improvements. Republished on 12/27/10.Photo Credit: Mr.Thomas

0 Picasa Web's New Zoom Viewer

Picasa Web Albums has a new zoom viewer that uses Flash. If you click on the magnifying glass icon next to a photo, you can select a rectangular region from the image and zoom in or zoom out. The feature is called "microscope zoom" and it doesn't fall back to the old version for users who haven't installed Adobe's Flash plugin.

Another new feature lets you view all the EXIF tags that are available by clicking on "full details page". You'll find a lot of tags that offer more information about white balance, orientation, exposure, color space, brightness, light source and more.

{ Thanks, Bogdan. }

0 Google Tests a New Layout for iGoogle

There's a new iGoogle interface that's only available to a small number of users. Google dropped the rounded corners and only shows the controls when you mouse over a gadget. Another change is that gadgets have a small icon next to the title.

Avery M., who sent this tip, noticed the new interface when visiting iGoogle Japan, but that could be a coincidence.

{ Thanks, Avery. }

Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

0 21 Excellent Tips For an Amazing & Productive New Year

New Year
This is that time of the year when your mind is ruled by the thoughts of the upcoming year and what it might bring for you. You start making plans and resolutions to make the most of the next 365 days. You want to be more enthusiastic, more energetic and more productive next year. You want to achieve what you couldn't achieve this year. You want the year to be just awesome.

Nothing wrong with the above thoughts, except that most of us fail to achieve even half of our resolutions and goals.
If we could be more productive in what we do every day, and understand how to get the most out of our professional and personal lives without stressing ourselves out, I think only then we might come close to achieving the targets we set for ourselves.

In the past 2 years (more than two in fact) of my association with this site, I have produced a number of articles to help our readers get better at what they do, and enjoy life. In this article, I have decided to revisit those, and also include some other gems by my fellow DLM authors.

There are tips, tools and advice to help you have a better year ahead. Read it through, choose what's relevant to you, and implement it. I'm sure this list has something for every one. So, lets get started!
  1. Set the Right Goals
    Setting the right goals at the beginning is important. Here are some tips to help you do that. If you are not sure what you want, and hence don't know what should be your goals, we've got you covered here too.

  2. Track Your Progress Towards Your Goals
    Setting goals is the first step. Tracking your progress towards them is the next, and the more important step. Here are some great ways to do it.

  3. Get Your Finances in Order
    Most of you would have one of your new year's resolutions as getting better at your finances. For the ones in a hurry, we have some five minute finance fixes. I also published a list of excellent web apps for managing your personal finances. That's something you should check out.

    Oh, and never make these financial mistakes.

  4. Manage Time
    Wish you had more than 24 hours in a day? You wouldn't if you knew how to make the most out of those 24 long hours. So, improve your time management skills and get started with one of these time management tools.

  5. Get Healthier
    Start the new year by implementing one of these 50 ideas for a healthy lifestyle. Also check out this quick 60-second guide to healthier living.

  6. Shop Smarter
    Shop often online? Check out these online shopping tools to help you shop smarter.

  7. Manage Email
    Did this year feel like being a slave to your email? Well, then make sure that the next year we see you managing your email like an expert.

  8. Deal With RSS Overload
    RSS feeds are a boon but too much of them...a big hassle? Not if you know how to read them productively. Learn to avoid RSS overload and know how you can use Google Reader productively.

  9. Use Your Cellphone the Right Way
    Just can't keep that phone away for a second? Too hooked to it? It's time you free yourself from its shackles. And learn how to use it productively.

  10. Get Productive While Working On Your PC
    This new year switch to Windows 7 if you haven't yet, and start working productively on your computer.

  11. Get Productive At Writing
    It's not just about writing articles like this one. It could be writing emails, notes, letters, documents...so, in a sense, each one of you might need to do a good bit of writing next year. Here's how you can improve your writing and get it done efficiently. And if you are ever short of ideas, here are some tips to get going.

  12. Speed Up Web Browsing
    Needless to say, a major chunk of your time next year will be consumed in browsing the web. Hence these power tips to speed up your web browsing are sure to come in handy.

  13. Use Wikipedia Like a Pro
    This huge repository of knowledge is likely to be a site most of you visit every day next year. So, learning how to get more out of Wikipedia would make sense.

  14. Use Twitter Like a Pro
    If you aren't on Twitter yet, there's a 99.5% chance that you'll be next year. And when you are on it, you won't be like any other Twitter newbie. You'd know how to be an expert at using it right from day one. And that applies to searching Twitter too.

  15. Use Facebook Like a Pro
    As I have mentioned in the past, you can actually use this so called productivity-eater productively. Here are the Facebook productivity tips you need to know. And please, don't have a Facebook profile that jeopardizes your job.

  16. Learn Mind Mapping
    Get started with mind mapping with one of these feature-rich tools.

  17. Beat Information Overload
    Yes, absolutely. You cannot get consumed by this beast called information. Information is going nowhere and it'll continue to reach you in greater proportions. So, better learn how to deal with it.

    Here are some smart ways to beat information overload.

  18. Manage Passwords Like a Pro
    Too many online accounts and passwords? Overwhelmed? Use one of these amazing tools to manage passwords.

  19. Go Paperless
    Get things done efficiently (and save the environment) by going paperless in 2011.

  20. Productivity For Web Workers
    Being a web worker myself, I've got a soft corner for all you web workers out there. So, especially for my web worker/freelancer friends, here are is some useful advice on staying fit, saving money, managing time, avoiding loneliness and being more disciplined when working from home.

  21. Have Fun!
    Finally, all the above mentioned tips are meant to make you productive enough to take time out now and then, and have fun. Don't be Jack, the dull boy. Have fun on these cool sites, get involved in these simple and entertaining activities and just make sure that you live, and not merely exist. :)
Wishing all DLM readers a happy and prosperous year!


Written on 12/26/2010 by Abhijeet Mukherjee. Abhijeet is a blogger and web publisher from India. He loves all things tech as long as it aids in productivity. He edits Guiding Tech, a blog that publishes useful guides, tutorials and tools. Check it out and subscribe to its feed if you like the site. You can also find him on Twitter. Photo Credit: mescon

Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

0 100 Ways To A Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is traditionally a time of year when we enjoy ourselves, we let our hair down and are a little more relaxed. At least that's the way it's meant to be. For a lot of people however, it's a stressful time of year. There's the shopping to do, there's the list of cards for all the family; god forbid we don't send Aunt Betty a card, there's the dinner to buy, there's work to do, there's family to contact, there's a hundred and one things to do.

Well here is a list of things you can do to relax and enjoy yourself a little more:

  1. Set A budget
    It's easy to get carried away buying Christmas presents. Set a budget and stick to it.

  2. Make A List
    Make a list of every single person you need to buy a present for. Keep it safe and tick off as you buy.

  3. Write A little A Day
    From now until maybe the 14th December, write your cards out, maybe 5 per day. No need to stress about getting all of them done at the same time.

  4. Address labels
    Get someone to put all your names and addresses from your address book into a spreadsheet and then print off your labels. You can pay your son, daughter, niece or nephew to do this for you.

  5. Don't Send Out of Guilt
    If you are sending cards or presents out of guilt, don't. Don't just send because you feel obliged to, cut out this practice and send who you want to send to.

  6. Wrap Presents The Same Night
    As you buy your presents make it a practice to wrap them the same night. This way you will not feel overwhelmed at having to wrap them all at the same time.

  7. Enroll The Kids Into Wrapping
    Kids love Christmas so why not get them involved more into helping you do the tedious time consuming part of Christmas like wrapping the presents.

  8. Fill Up Your Freezer Now
    There's always specials on this time of year but beware as the prices will probably go up again just before Christmas.

  9. Get Into The Christmas Spirit
    It can be quite stressful but remembering that Christmas is a fun time for everyone, or should be, so get into the spirit and plays Christmas CDs, go to Panto's, or see the Christmas nativity.

  10. Make Homemade Gifts
    Making homemade gifts can be a great way to personalize your presents and save you a bit of money. If you're at all arty or can cook why not make presents this year.

  11. Shop Online
    This is a great way to take the stress out of shopping. If you can buy all the gifts from one online store so much the better.

  12. Look At Comparison Sites Before Purchasing
    When you have decided on a present to buy for someone why not check out the comparison sites to see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere online.

  13. Shop Early on in the Day
    There's nothing worse shopping when it is extremely crowded and shoppers are getting irate because it's too busy.

  14. Don't lose your head With relatives
    Remember the Christmas holidays only last for a few days so don't risk falling out with the whole family because of 1 person you don't like.

  15. Buy A Real Tree
    You can replant your Christmas tree in your garden or give it away when the holiday season is over.

  16. Take Some Time Out
    You don't have to attend every single Christmas family event. Take a night off to spend alone or just with the family.

  17. Take A deep Breath
    Remember what Christmas is all about and take a deep breath in times of stress and let it all out and wash over you.

  18. Get More Sleep
    As you will be more busy than usual it's better to get as much sleep as possible so you will have the energy to do everything.

  19. Allow Mess
    Christmas for kids is not a tidy affair it's all about letting go so don't worry too much about the mess. People visiting will expect mess if you have kids. Let kids be kids for the day.

  20. Let them know You're stressed
    Don't take everything on board yourself. Let other members of the family know you are ready to blow a gasket and ask for help.

  21. It's okay to Say No
    You don't need to say yes to every request made of you at Christmas time, or any other time for that matter. Learn to diplomatically say no; there's only so many nativities you can go to.

  22. Remember the good times
    If Christmas is a sad time for you because loved ones are no longer with you, try and remember the good times and ask yourself how they would celebrate.

  23. Hire a cook
    There are lots of places where you can order your Christmas dinner, fully prepared and you pick it up two days before Christmas. Why have all the stress of doing everything yourself.

  24. Stay away from the big shopping malls
    You'll only come home in a bad mood ready to kill someone as you have been elbowed so many times by people rushing to buy presents. Shop when it's quieter or online.

  25. Switch the TV off
    The TV can often be the source of entertainment for the Christmas holidays. Try something different like board games, karaoke, family Xbox or Playstation games.

  26. Avoid too much alcohol
    Yes this is a time to let your hair down but overdoing it on the alcohol can lead you to do things you wouldn't normally do.

  27. No Need to spend the same amount
    My mother always spend the exact same amount on each grandchild no matter how much presents there are. there's no need to do this. It doesn't mean you love one more than the other.

  28. Don't overfill your food cupboards
    there's no need to stock up for the Christmas holidays, the shops are only closed for 1 day or two.

  29. Let things go wrong
    Christmas doesn't have to be spot on perfect. things will go wrong, laugh about it and get on with it.

  30. Make it magical
    Put the fun back into Christmas for the kids and for yourself. It's tradition in our house that the biggest present is always turned into a treasure hunt. Make games up, sing, be silly just let go and be yourself for a full day and enjoy it.

  31. Use post it notes
    If you have a board in your kitchen write post it notes of things to do and you as you do them transfer them to another 'done' board.

  32. Clean out the freezer
    Unless you have a frost free freezer it's a good idea to clean out the freezer to make as much room as possible for food.

  33. Clear the cupboards
    It's also a good idea to clean out the cupboards of all food you have used including: tinned foods, packet foods, and sauces.

  34. Give the house a good cleaning before Christmas
    This way there won't be so much work to do after all the festivities are over and you can relax more.

  35. Clean sheets and duvets
    If you are having guests over make sure you have enough bed linen and make sure it all cleaned befoehand.

  36. Buy in bulk
    If you buy for teachers, colleagues, group members etc buy in bulk to avoid having to shop around.

  37. Ignore the ones who've done it all
    When you feel particularly stressed, don't tell the super-organized person as they will make you feel worse. These are the people who have all their presents, cards, food etc in at the end of August and you feel a smack in the mouth might wipe the smug grin off their face.

  38. Sing loudly
    I love singing at the best of times but at Christmas it's a must to sing loudly and more annoying, there's nothing better than annoying the family with loud singing.

  39. Be unique
    Buying gifts for loved ones is often a dull affair. Try and listen throughout the year for what he or she would really like and put some thought into present buying for your spouse.

  40. Have a rest day
    Once you have everything prepared, presents bought and wrapped, cards written and sent, invitations written and sent etc have a complete day of rest, you deserve it.

  41. Clear the air
    If you've had a disagreement with someone and they are coming round for Christmas, try and clear the air before they come round.

  42. Let everyone be themselves
    Yes it's annoying to have Uncle Bert dribbling in the corner, drunk and half asleep. Let it be and don't stress yourself, it's only for the day.

  43. Invite someone who is alone
    If you are having a big Christmas dinner with family members, why not invite someone you know will be on their own.

  44. Make sure you have a camera
    It's important to capture every Christmas with photos or a camcorder. You may not think it is important just now but in years to come it will bring back so many happy memories for you to enjoy.

  45. Be mindful of pets
    Your pet can get very confused with all the toing and froing of Christmas planning so be mindful to pay them some more attention than usual.

  46. Stock up on medication
    If you have a health condition make sure you have enough medication to last you through the holidays as your doctor may be vacationing for a prolonged period.

  47. Make sure you have a good online protection software
    With many people turning to the net for Christmas shopping, it's extremely important to have online protection software installed on your computer.

  48. Wear sensible shoes
    When you're visiting people at Christmas and it's bad weather,♠ wear sensible shoes in order to minimize the risk of slipping or falling.

  49. Mind your back
    Christmas shopping can be a nightmare for your back. Try and shop more online or make more trips so you are not carrying a mountain full of bags in one go.

  50. Check the weather when hanging lights
    If you decorate your home outside check the weather forecast for the days to avoid any dangers.

  51. Never mind the Jones'
    Christmas is all about joy, fun and happiness it's not about who has the best house lights, or the biggest garden tree or best garden decorations.

  52. Keep receipts
    Always keep your Christmas receipts in a special box. This will mean you can take duplicate gifts back or faulty gifts back and get them exchanged.

  53. Celebrate the real meaning
    Christmas is a time for giving and celebrating and being grateful. Why not visit a hostel with the family to give some of your time before Christmas day.

  54. Encourage children to get involved
    When you explain the importance of Christmas through your actions the children will want to get involved as well. Always make it a fun time if you have kids.

  55. Get your pets used to your decorations
    If you have a pet who has never celebrated Christmas with you, introduce the tree a week early to let them get used to it.

  56. Leave your light hooks up
    If you know you will be decorating the outside of the house every year why not leave the light hooks up so you don't have to do it year after year in the freezing cold.

  57. Find out the return policies
    A lot of gifts cannot be returned after a certain number of days; find this out before purchasing if you are afraid the person might not like it or it will not fit them.

  58. Use coupon sites
    This is a growth area online and there are thousands of coupon sites offering printable coupons to get discounts off from your favorite stores.

  59. Turn out the lights
    Remember to turn all your Christmas lights out at night before going to bed.

  60. Shop on eBay
    There are some fantastic bargains to be had from eBay. If you are stuck for an idea, have a browse and see what there is.

  61. Buy cards straight after Christmas
    If you want to save some money on cards, buy them straight after Christmas as the card shops are looking to get rid of their stock. You will often get great deals for next year.

  62. Tire out the pets
    To stop your pet from getting overexcited, spend a little more time playing around with them and tiring them out so they can relax more.

  63. Leave the kids at home
    If you are going shopping for presents there's nothing worse for a child than having to trail round the shops. Try and organize a baby sitter for a day to let you get your shopping done.

  64. Free events before Christmas
    Lots of children are off on holiday and it can be a strain to keep them entertained. Take them to free events such as the turning on of Christmas lights, the events in the local square, get the kids to write a letter to Santa, go a walk in the local big park.

  65. Place your order now
    If you know what you Christmas menu will be i.e. Turkey, go to your local butcher, or food shop and place your order just now and pick it up nearer the time.

  66. Get plenty of batteries in
    A lot of presents need batteries and it's something we often forget. Make sure you have lots of batteries in stock.

  67. Cash in your rewards
    If you get rewards from your various stores cash them in at Christmas and use them up. It may not be much but every little helps.

  68. Buy your crackers after Christmas
    Buy luxury crackers after Christmas and get a really good price, then store them away for next year.

  69. Make your own gift tags
    Old Christmas cards are a great way to do this. Get your pinking shears out and make your own tags.

  70. Fill the tank up
    If you are going visiting at Christmas make sure you have enough fuel as a lot of gas stations will be closed.

  71. Stocking fillers
    You can stock up on these throughout the year and they soon add up to a sizeable amount of gifts.

  72. Remember overseas relatives
    Remember to get all your overseas parcels sent well before Christmas for them to get there in plenty of time.

  73. Post overseas cards
    Post all your overseas cards in plenty of time for them to arrive by Christmas.

  74. Tiring the kids out
    We have a tradition of going for a meal and then to see a movie on Christmas Eve. This keeps them occupied and tires them out so they get a good sleep and are not too excited on Christmas Eve.

  75. Watch Christmas movies
    Have a Christmas movie day to get the whole family in the spirit of Christmas.

  76. Remember the table decoration
    If you are having guests over remember to get in your Christmas table decorations well in advance.

  77. Buy for the less fortunate
    All year round should a time for thinking about those less fortunate but at this time of year it seems to be more important. Buy a gift for those less fortunate.

  78. Cue the DJ
    Make sure you have a stock of CDs and music for Christmas so you're not hunting around on the day for them.

  79. Pay all your bills before Christmas
    If you can do this it will save you the stress of worrying about the money situation.

  80. Prepare your thank you cards in advance
    Write out all your thank you cards before Christmas so there's no need to worry about them after Christmas and you can relax a little more.

  81. Do some more walking
    Christmas is a time for overindulging in everything including food and drink. Get a little more exercise by going out for a long walk.

  82. Pack the camera
    If you're going visiting remember to take the camera; it's often easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of getting packed.

  83. Time the present opening
    Kids get so many presents at Christmas that they don't know who is buying for them. Don't let them rip all the paper off every single one, let them read the label first, open them, and give them time to enjoy them.

  84. Give your guest a job
    If things get a little out of control and you are having trouble with a family member give them a job to do to get them out of the way.

  85. Get some oxygen
    Even if it's freezing cold, get everyone out of the house for 5 or 10 minutes. A Christmas house can become overheated and overcrowded and getting everyone out for the house for 5 minutes in the cold will wake everybody up and re-ignite the party.

  86. Emergency gifts
    Wrap up a few boxes of chocolates to give as gifts for unexpected visitors.

  87. Declutter the house
    Decluttering helps to de-clutter the mind and if you do it a few weeks before Christmas you will feel a lot more relaxed.

  88. If you are alone
    I've spent a few Christmases alone and it's not a good feeling. However, don't allow others to feel sorry for you. Create a Christmas atmosphere, watch movies all day, and relax and treat yourself to a few goodies.

  89. Use smaller plates
    If you want to cut down on the amount you eat, trick the brain and use a smaller plate.

  90. Use taller glasses
    This is another trick to help fool the brain into thinking you are drinking more than you are and it helps reduce the amount of alcohol your drink.

  91. Don't wrap it, bag it
    Instead of spending hours wrapping all your Christmas gifts why not bag the from the great bags you get from the dollar store.

  92. Pick a party theme
    If you have a Christmas party every year pick a theme and send out invitations in that theme.

  93. Don't overload extension cords
    Think about safety at Christmas and don't overload your extension cords.

  94. Clean out the cooker
    Make sure you cooker it cleaned before Christmas. It will be getting used a lot and cleaning it before hand will help with the cleaning afterwards.

  95. Recycle the leftovers
    You can use the leftover turkey for making sandwiches for boxing day.

  96. Buy rechargeable batteries
    Although they might cost a little more it will save you money in the long run.

  97. Go green and ditch the plastic
    Everyone's going green these days. You can do your bit buy buying a bag for shopping and not use the stores plastic bags.

  98. Keep your pets away from the noise
    If you can help it keep your pets away from the main party as the bangers, crackers and other noises can scare them.

  99. Take a step back
    I might be a little sad but I always take a step back when I see everyone enjoying themselves and remind myself of how lucky I am, and get a little tearful (yes, I'm a man but real men cry too!)

  100. Enjoy yourself
    It's what it's all about.

Written on 12/08/2009 (republished in 12/2010) by Steven Aitchison. Steven is the Author of Change Your Thoughts and works as an alcohol and drugs counselor. He has a BSc in Psychology and has a passion for studying belief formation, thought processes and values and principles.
Photo Credit: Randy Son of Robert
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