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0 London Canyonlands (pt. 2)

[Image: A BMW ad, showing us London geologically mixed, across a series of bridges and viaducts, with, say, Rio de Janeiro, Angkor Wat, and maybe... Macchu Picchu? View larger. Found via things magazine].

(Earlier on BLDGBLOG London Canyonlands and Offshore (again)).

0 More space in the space hotel

[Image: Outside the space hotel... in space. You can see the Earth's curvature in the lower right-hand corner. Courtesy of Bigelow Aerospace].

The space hotel is back in the news.
According to the BBC, an "experimental spacecraft designed to test the viability of a hotel in space has been successfully sent into orbit" by a private company called Bigelow Aerospace.
The "inflatable and flexible core of the spacecraft expands to form a bigger structure after launch." Which is helpful, because Bigelow's ultimate goal is "to build a full-scale space hotel, dubbed Nautilus, which will link a series of inflatable modules together like a string of sausages."
However, two distracting bits of news then enter the story...
First, the BBC reports that "the company has sent a collection of pictures and other memorabilia from fee-paying customers keen to see their personal possessions photographed in space." And, second, we learn that the company "also hopes to activate a space-based bingo game to be played by people back on Earth."
    1) Why would you want your personal possessions to be photographed in space? Here's my desk lamp... in space. Here are my dinner plates. Here is my couch.
    2a) Does "space-based bingo" somehow augment one's experience of the game? I suppose it would. How does it work? Would there actually be an astronaut up there calling out numbers? And would you have to get up there in order to collect your prize?
    2b) What about space-based Trivial Pursuit? An unnamed man, or woman, in orbit over the Earth's surface starts asking a series of difficult questions about history, science, politics, and the arts. The start of the game is never announced; the questions are broadcast on an AM radio station; you never know if you've won.
(Thanks to Alex Trevi for sharing the news).

0 Disturbing Indeterminate Horizons of Fresh Architecture

[Images: Three covers from Springer's Consequence Book Series on Fresh Architecture].

Does anyone know anything about these books? More specifically, have you read them – and, if so, how are they? Well-produced? Interesting? Over-academic? Boring? Life-changing and amazing?
I can only find the most basic book descriptions online – and most of those are in German – and I would simply order one of these to see what they're actually like (I don't have access to an architecture library) but they seem a little bit over-priced. A 100-page pamphlet for $25.95...?
Anyway, if anyone's ever run across one of these, let me know. The three books, above, are by Nat Chard, Shaun Murray, and Chora/Raoul Bunshoten, respectively.

Selasa, 26 Juni 2007

0 The Deck

[Image: Sergio Bianchi's Bellegra retreat, via Metropolis].

In an unfortunately subscriber-only article, Metropolis calls our attention to "an artists’ retreat in Bellegra, a small town 40 miles southeast of Rome."
The building, we read, was designed by Sergio Bianchi, whose "idea for a Modernist villa designed according to the principles of organic architecture," proved to be so controversial in the context of Italy's "archaic building laws" that it took more than six years to construct.
The design itself was "inspired" by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. Metropolis writes that, "although the villa – which has a biological sewage system and a roof fitted for solar panels – is more visually and environmentally harmonious with the landscape than its neighbors, a group of squat clay-tile-roof stucco homes, it provoked strong resistance from local authorities."
Those authorities said, somewhat unbelievably, that the building "was too much like science fiction.”

[Image: Sergio Bianchi's Bellegra retreat, via Metropolis].

In any case, I'm posting this really just because I love the deck – in fact, I love the whole structure of this building.
I love how, as you can see in that first picture, above, there's a small room, not quite cantilevered, elevated over an outdoor patio – and that, above that room, there's a deck, poised under a slatted horizontal screen that allows you to watch the sky.
I also love the little walkway that extends beyond the right-hand side of the picture. The whole thing is like this maze of platforms, decks, patios, and cantilevered rooms, connected by terraces, hanging off a limestone core in the middle of the Italian countryside.
I'd like two, please.

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0 Tips on Using Commas, yes Commas

commaMy name is Mark and I have a problem. I abuse commas and I abuse them in nearly every post on Dumb Little Man, in emails at work and in correspondence to my customers.

There. I feel better.

Remarkably, the comma abuse was so bad that a co-worker of mine actually sent me a handful of tips on comma usage. She graduated from Northwestern University in 2002 and she is, among other things, our team's proofreader. She has grammar and wording pegged to a tee.

Here is her advice and I marked the things I would have gotten wrong:

  • Use a comma after phrases of more than three words that begin a sentence.
    • Correct Example: To get a gold medal, you must dedicate yourself to a training routine.

  • Use a comma after the date and year if they are used together. If its only the month and year, no comma is needed.
    • Correct Example: I was born on January 1, 1973, the same day the new year begins.

  • No comma is needed to separate nouns or noun clauses in a compound subject.
    • Incorrect Example (no comma needed): The music teacher from your high school, and the football coach from mine are married.

  • The Pause: Just because you are pausing in your thoughts while typing doesn't mean that the reader is pausing in their reading!

  • Combining Sentences: Do not use a comma to simply join 2 complete sentences. Use a conjunction (remember Conjunction Junction?)
    • Incorrect Example: The Chicago Cubs are going to lose tomorrow, they really have bad pitching.
    • Correct Example: The Chicago Cubs are going to lose tomorrow because they really have bad pitching.
There are clearly more comma rules but these were the things that irritated this woman enough to correct me. By the way, if you see grammar fouls on Dumb Little Man, call me out on them. Several of you have already and I appreciate it!

0 10 Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

coffee groundsDamn! I have been throwing away coffee grounds everyday since high school and now I learn that you can use them for something! Oh well, this will have to be added to the "try sometime" list. Here are several things that those old grounds are good for:

  • Deodorizer
  • Plant food
  • Insect repellent
  • Dye
  • Furniture scratch cover-up
  • Cleaning product
  • Kitty repellent
  • Flea dip
  • Dust inhibitor
  • Cellulite reducer (what?!)
The DIY Maven, a featured writer on Curbly, explains all of these. So here is the scoop on the coffee grounds and here is the link to her Curbly blog.

0 Add Your Business to Google Maps

As most of the human race seemingly migrates towards Google Maps, it sure makes sense to be sure your business is listed there. Many business owners haven't caught onto this yet. A cursory search of pizza places around my house missed 2 new places that have opened in the last few months. While Google will probably add them at some point, why not be proactive and submit your business just to be sure?

To do so, simply visit Google's Local Business Center. It's extremely simple, but for you click-a-phobics, I will show you what to expect (yes, I made up that term).

add to google maps

Minggu, 24 Juni 2007

0 Ground Conditions

[Image: San Francisco, photographed in profile from Sausalito].

In preparation for an overnight business trip to San Francisco this weekend, I was flipping through the Lonely Planet Guide to San Francisco – when I read something that is surely old news for anyone living in that city, but that nonetheless completely blew me away.
It turns out that part of San Francisco is actually built on the wrecked and scuttled remains of old ships.

[Image: A shipwreck that has absolutely no connection to San Francisco].

The Lonely Planet guide writes that "most of this walk [through the streets near the Embarcadero] is over reclaimed land, some of it layered over the scores of sailing ships scuttled in the bay to provide landfill."
Stunned – and absolutely fascinated by this sort of thing – I determined to learn more.
And it's true: a good part of coastal San Francisco is not built on solid ground, but on the forgotten residue of buried ships.
In an image that makes me want to cry it's so cool, the basements of some 19th-century San Francisco homes weren't basements at all... they were the hulls of lost ships.
"As late as Jan 1857," we read, "old hulks still obstructed the harbor while others had been overtaken by the bayward march of the city front and formed basements or cellars to tenements built on their decks. Even now [1888] remains of the vessels are found under the filled foundations of houses."
In other words, when you walked downstairs to grab a jar of preserved fruit – you stepped into the remains of an old ship.
It's almost literally unbelievable.

[Image: Another shipwreck – unrelated, as far as I'm aware, to San Francisco].

Best of all, those ships are still down there – and they're still being discovered.
    In the late 1960s, as San Francisco was building its BART subway system, discoveries of ships and ship fragments occurred regularly. Over the following decades, ships and pieces of ships appeared during several major construction projects along the shore. As recently as 1994, construction workers digging a tunnel found a 200-foot-long (61-meter) ship 35 feet (11 meters) underground. Rather than attempt to remove the ship – which would have been both costly and dangerous – they simply tunneled right through it. When buried ships are found, they’re sometimes looted for bottles, coins, and other valuable antiques frequently found inside. Among the prizes found in the ships have been intact, sealed bottles of champagne and whiskey, nautical equipment, and a variety of personal effects from the passengers and crews.
I'm just waiting for some rare and world-destroying virus to be found, festering away in the subterranean hold of an abandoned schooner, forgotten by city historians...
Some random cable guy discovers it, digging down into someone's backyard to fix a transmission problem. His shovel cracks through the outer wooden shell of a 19th-century frigate, releasing a cloud of invisible bacteria... he inhales it... his brain begins to bleed... Eli Roth directs the film version.
But this also reminds me of the now classic film Quatermass and the Pit – a movie which genuinely needs to be remade, and I would gladly serve as a screenplay consultant – in which London Tube excavations uncover a buried spaceship... out of which emerge weird aliens intent on vanquishing the Queen's English. Or something like that.
But the question remains: do you really know what's beneath your house or apartment...?
An entire armada of lost fishing ships, now rotting in the mud, nameless and undiscovered, shivering with every earthquake.

0 Keeping the Mosquitos at Bay

mosquito biteDuring the summer months I can't leave my air conditioned home for 10 minutes without becoming a scratching fool. For whatever reason, I attract mosquitoes and get munched fast. In fact, I get laughed at because I have a supply of "Off" in my car, bike pouch, and in all of the kid's strollers.

Stopping mosquitoes entirely isn't possible but you can surely decrease how many are buzzing around your house and backyard. Here are a handful of tips from a couple of DLM friends, TipNut and Thrifty Mommy. There are several more on each of their sites.

  • Plant mosquito deterring plants around your yard such as citronella, marigolds, basil, lavender, and catnip.

  • Make sure roof gutters, bird baths, sandboxes, and old tires drain properly to prevent standing water.

  • Vanilla Extract: A few different recommendations for this one, each contradicting the other. Some say to dab Vanilla Extract on your pulse points, others say to rub it all over your skin & dab your clothes. Some say the cheap stuff is what you have to use, others say the real, pure Vanilla is the only thing that will work. Some say to apply it full strength, others say you can dilute it with water and spray it on. Play around with Vanilla to see what gives you best results–there are plenty of believers for this one as a mosquito deterrent so I think there’s something to it.

Sources: 10 Thrifty Ways to Deal with Mosquitoes and How to Prevent Mosquito Bites.

0 If these reefs are islands

[Images: A map of Japan's Okinotori Islands, via the BBC, next to an unrelated image of a different reef; all reef images used in this post are from different locations].

The BBC revisited an amazingly interesting story last week when they explained that Japan is now growing coral reefs in a bid to extend their territorial sovereignty into the Philippine Sea.
Successfully transplanting and cultivating these reefs would, in theory, allow Japan "to protect an exclusive economic zone off its coast" – expanding Japanese maritime power more than 1000 miles south of Tokyo.
    According to the Law of the Sea, Japan can lay exclusive claim to the natural resources 370km (230 miles) from its shores. So, if these outcrops are Japanese islands, the exclusive economic zone stretches far further from the coast of the main islands of Japan then it would do otherwise. To bolster Tokyo's claim, officials have posted a large metal address plaque on one of them making clear they are Japanese. They have also built a lighthouse nearby.
However, the major geopolitical question remains: are these reefs truly islands?

At the moment, the Okinotori Islands (as they're called) are merely "rocky outcrops"; but, by artificially enhancing their landmass through reefs – using reef "seeds" and "eggs" – Japan can create sovereign territory.
This means that they'll win economic control over all the minerals, oil, fish, natural gas, etc. etc., located in the area – providing friendly sea routes for American military ships in the process.
The U.S., of course, thinks that Japan's sovereign reefs are a great idea; China, unsurprisingly, thinks the whole thing sucks.
In fact, we read:
    Chinese interest in Okinotori lies in its location: along the route U.S. warships would likely take from bases in Guam in the event of a confrontation over Taiwan. China's efforts to map the sea bottom, apparently so its submarines could intercept U.S. aircraft carriers in a crisis, have drawn sharp protests from Japan that China is violating its EEZ.
Which means that these artificial encrustations of living matter, planted for political reasons at the beginning of the 21st century, could very well influence the future outcome of marine combat between the United States and China.
A tiny bit more information about all this is available at the Times.

So the rest of this story could go in any number of directions: 1) A speculative survey of other "rocky outcrops" and manmade reefs, to see who might be able to claim them and why. For instance, if Japan's reef-based territorial ambitions are successful, could this establish a legal precedent for other such experimental terrains? Will this then lead to a new and exciting summer course at Columbia's School of Architecture...? Or a new class at SCI-Arc, guest-taught by BLDGBLOG: From Gothic Cathedrals to Sovereign Reefs: The Science Fiction of Architectural Structures...
Or perhaps it could mean that the U.S. will turn away from Treasury-depleting global military adventurism to spend money on more interesting projects within its own borders – funding a whole new series of Hawaiian islands, designed by Thom Mayne, that would extend Hawaii archipelagically toward Asia...
Greece, inspired, would then expand the Cyclades with a cluster of designer islands, slowly growing to dominate the Mediterranean once again – a kind of inverse-Odyssey in which the islands themselves do all the traveling...
Or maybe there'll be a whole new terrestrial future in store for Scotland's Outer Hebrides, or for the Isle of Man, or for Friesland – or perhaps even a whole new Nova Scotia, extending hundreds of nautical miles into the waters of the north Atlantic, a distant, fog-shrouded world of melancholic introspection, visited by poets...
2) It's worth remembering that the possession of land and territory has not always been a recognized marker of political sovereignty – and so the Earth, in the sense of geophysical terrain, is here being swept up into a model of human governance that has only existed for a few hundred years, and which may only exist for a few decades more.
So, under a different political system, these artificial reefs would be quite literally meaningless.
3) The generation of new territory for the purpose of extending – or consolidating – political power is nothing new. As but one example, I happen to be reading The Conquest of Nature: Water, Landscape, and the Making of Modern Germany, a book that "tells the story of how Germans transformed their landscape over the last 250 years by reclaiming marsh and fen, draining moors, straightening rivers, and building dams in the high valleys."
The relevance of this here, in the context of artificial Japanese reefs in the south Pacific, is that Frederick the Great used hydrological reclamation projects – i.e. marsh draining and river redirection – literally to create new territory; this expanded the political reach of Prussia by generating more Earth upon which German-speaking settlers could then build farms and villages. All in all, this was a process of both "agricultural improvement and internal colonization," and it "increasingly assumed the character of a military operation."
As David Blackbourn, the book's author, further notes: "External conquests created additional territory on which to make internal conquests, spaces on the map out of which new land could be made." Indeed: "For Prussia, a state that was expanding through military conquest across the swampy North European plain, borders and reclamation went together."
4) Finally, last week New Scientist ran a whole bunch of little articles called "The last place on Earth..." In each case, that leading phrase was followed by a subheading, such as: " be discovered," or "...where no explorer has set foot."
Another of those articles was: " be unclaimed by any nation."
As the magazine comments in that piece: "States will go to great lengths to secure territorial claims over what appear to be worthless pieces of land." After all, "owning even a remote rock can significantly extend a nation's access to marine resources such as oil and fish."
But those "great lengths" to which the nations of tomorrow may someday go could include the outright geo-architectural construction of whole new landmasses, islands, and offshore microcontinents. These terrains will be governed by Kurtzian technocrats, with iron fists, whose unchecked cruelty will inspire the literary classics of the 22nd century...
In any case, all of these points seem to imply that architects may need to brush up on their marine geotechnical skills – as well as on the legal issues surrounding the archipelagic future of political sovereignty.

0 Episode 4!!!

Rozz plays a horrible prank on me. It's mean!

And plus, you get to see me sleepy, with horrible hair, and absolutely no make-up.

What can make better tv than that?

Click on the picture to watch it. =)

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0 Free Disposable Phone Numbers

privacyYou know, I only have 2 eyes so my favorite tips are the ones sent in by readers. This one comes from Jessica that recently happened upon a site named numbr. This site actually provides you with disposable phone numbers. I covered disposable email addresses previously, but the idea of a real throw-away phone number had me intrigued.

I looked into it, tried it and frankly it's pretty cool. As of today they support 23 US cities, block telemarketers and allows for parental controls. In addition this crazy thing lets you embed a link to your website allowing your blog or website readers to reach you without knowing your real phone number.

It's one of those things that I can't really explain in full. Here is a little snippet from their site:
Talk without sharing your real number!
Get a numbr in 23 cities in the US, and forward calls to any landline or mobile phone numbers

Disposable numbers
Set your numbr to expire in an hour, day, week or month. Additionally, you can expire your numbr before your opted limit. Say, if you sell your item in three days, why keep a numbr for a week?

24x7 Reachability
Inbound calls to your numbr will be forwarded to your first phone, and then to your second optional phone. If you are unavailable on both phone numbers, the caller can record a voice-mail, which will be sent to you on your e-mail. In all,
you can be reachable on your numbr for all calls - unless you have chosen to block off certain numbers, or the caller was a known telemarketer

Call-to-get™ numbr
You don't have to be on-line to get a numbr! In a bar and need one? Simply call: (415) 234-5678 and get a numbr!
Share that number with anyone. Calls to your numbr will be forwarded to the number you used to call from .. so, make sure you call from your mobile :)
If you want to check this out, visit

0 The Labyrinth and the Stairway

[Image: From "City of the Immortals" by Michelle Lord].

Artist Michelle Lord, whose "Future Ruins" we featured here on BLDGBLOG the other day, has another project on display this year as part of Architecture Week in the UK.
This project, the "City of the Immortals," inspired by a Jorge Luis Borges short story called "The Immortal," gives viewers a shadowy glimpse into Lord's ongoing "fascination with fictional or un-built environments."

[Image: From "City of the Immortals" by Michelle Lord; also available in a slightly bigger version].

This work in particular represents "a vast fictional topography that exists within the walls of a mythological Roman city." Within that city, according to the Borges story, "a lone figure traverses its magnificent, eternal architecture in search of immortality."
At one point Borges describes how this narrator ascends a ladder, pulling himself up toward "a circle of sky" – through which he promptly pokes his head, making a discovery: "I began to glimpse capitals and astragals," he tells us, "triangular pediments and vaults, confused pageants of granite and marble. Thus I was afforded this ascension from the blind region of dark interwoven labyrinths into the resplendent City."

[Image: From "City of the Immortals" by Michelle Lord; see bigger].

The story continues:
    A labyrinth is a structure compounded to confuse men; its architecture, rich in symmetries, is subordinated to that end. In the palace I imperfectly explored, the architecture lacked any such finality. It abounded in dead-end corridors, high unattainable windows, portentous doors which led to a cell or pit, incredible inverted stairways whose steps and balustrades hung downwards. Other stairways, clinging airily to the side of a monumental wall, would die without leading anywhere, after making two or three turns in the lofty darkness of the cupolas.
In any case, Lord has physically constructed the architecture described by Borges; her interiors thus "intentionally evoke spatial and geometric confusion, where great pillars extend into infinity and endless staircases appear to intertwine like a three dimensional maze to form a ‘nonsense’ structure or architectural folly."

[Image: From "City of the Immortals" by Michelle Lord; also available in a moderately larger version].

Citing Piranesi as an influence, she assembles a "composite of both the real and the invented." This "demonstrates the power of paper architecture to convincingly simulate reality, where a freshly made model can evoke a lengthy history and its diminutive scale conjure up a life-size space. An intricate hybrid of photography, sculpture and architecture; the artificial eye of the camera subtly transforms these hand crafted models into a large sprawling complex, a new imaginary city."

[Image: From "City of the Immortals" by Michelle Lord; also available in a slightly bigger version].

Lord's "City of the Immortals" is on display till June 24 in Birmingham, England.

(Vaguely related: Edinburgh).

0 6 Workout Hacks, Plus 8 Tips for Beginners

workoutWe all know that working out is a requirement to good health. Getting started is half the battle and without a plan you will quickly become frustrated and eventually quit. What good is that? So, for all of you (and I am in this group) that need to step up to the plate and become a little more active, consider these tips to help ensure you have drive to keep it up!
  1. Always Do Weights Before Cardio: Most people are confused about this one, and I regularly watch people at my gym do the opposite. However, trainers, serious athletes and bodybuilders do weights first: this way, your heart rate goes up and when you lift, your body is in more of a fat burning mode. Doing the opposite means that your muscles are already tired by the time you get to weight-training. However, always remember to warm up for a few minutes before hitting the weights.

  2. Splurge on a Trainer or Great Instructor: If you want some extra motivation to go to the gym, nix thoughts of fancy, expensive shower gels, and get yourself a trainer, or register in a yoga/spin/aerobics/kick boxing/(name your preferred activity) class with a great instructor. Nothing will motivate you and get you to make the most of your workout like an experienced, fit person, pushing you when you just want to stop and sit down. If you can't afford a regular trainer, but want to splurge, book one session so that he/she can help you with your posture.

  3. Clench Your Muscles: You know how to breathe when you’re lifting weights: now start clenching your muscles, too. For instance, clench your biceps/triceps when doing lifts, clench your abs when doing crunches.

  4. Do Two Sessions: After each workout session, there's a post-workout calorie-burning time. You can double that time by splitting your session into two, if you have enough time.

  5. Always Do Weights In front of a Mirror: This is especially important to remember when you're at home, not surrounded by mirrors on all sides. By seeing what you do, you can ensure that your posture is correct.

  6. Mix it Up: Once you’ve established a routine, you might feel more comfortable, but so will your body: meaning, you won’t be as effective in burning fat and building muscle. You’re also likely to get bored pretty soon. So have fun when you’re exercising, by mixing things up: take a few yoga classes if you don’t normally do yoga, or do some spin classes if you’ve never done that before. Try alternative workouts, like salsa dancing and hiking. If you’re used to running on the treadmill, increase the incline, or skip the treadmill altogether in favor of the elliptical machine.
If you've just started working out, here are some more tips that you should remember:
  1. Start Slow: Don't jump into it all too suddenly: increase workout intensity gradually and avoid hurting yourself.

  2. Do it Daily: Working out daily is the only way to stop yourself from slacking off. It may sound difficult, but it's actually easier than exercising 3 or 4 days a week. Just do it!

  3. Alternate: Just because you're working out daily doesn't mean you push yourself every day. Alternate with one day of strenuous exercising, and another easier day which will let your body recover and your muscles build up.

  4. Listen to Your Body: Working out can be difficult for a novice. Make sure you don't over-exert yourself, and always listen to your body. Feeling tired is good: feeling a sharp, jabbing pain means you need to stop at once.

  5. Ice Yourself: If you do manage to get hurt, use an icepack. Professionals swear by them.

  6. Buddy Up: If you can't afford a trainer or a great instructor, or you don’t think you’re ready for one yet, grab hold of a friend with similar goals. Push each other, and hold each other accountable for showing up and working out.

  7. Fast Music is Your Friend: One of the easiest ways to get through a grueling workout is to listen to fast, fun music. It may be corny advice, but fast music really does make it easier to slog away at whatever form of cardio you’re doing.

  8. Talk to Yourself: But do it silently, so that people don’t think you’re crazy.

    Shutting out negative thoughts, like, “Ugh, I’m so tired” or “I hate coming to the gym” helps, but replacing them with positive thoughts is better. Try to reframe your situation so that you actually enjoy what you’re doing. Tell yourself that yes, you’re tired, but that’s good, because it means you’re a lean, mean, calorie-burning machine. Self talk like “I love the gym”, “I love the post-workout high” and “I love doing these terrible crunches because I’m going to love my six-pack” might sound dumb in theory, but in practice, it really helps you to work out harder, more effectively, and more cheerfully.
Good luck!

This post's author is Ruby Cinatta.

Selasa, 19 Juni 2007

0 Too many photos!

Unbelievably enough, when I was out the other day, two blog readers (Nope, I will never use the word "fans". Oh gross! It's like so buay hiao bai like that) actually approached me.

The first one said he likes my blog but can I please update more often??

The second one said she likes my blog but there are too little photos nowadays!!!

Sigh... I cannot even go out in peace without being harassed to do work leh... But nonetheless, I've decided to oblige.

Ladies, gentlemen, and people-who-hate-me-but-read-me-religiously, I present to you...

136 photos.

NYC trip

As most of you already know, Rozz and I were chosen to be the webcast hosts for Singapore Day in Manhattan, NY.

That was donkey years ago though, because I was just too lazy to go edit and post up all the photos. That, and because I hate you. HA! Just kidding! I love you guys!

On the plane ride! Rozz took a photo of me looking glum.

Who wouldn't be?

23 hours on the plane to look forward to!

My little flight schedule thingy.

It's really important to know all the foreign time being converted to local time, so you won't miss your flights!

That, and if everything is converted to local time you can also calculate how long you will be on the plane. =)

My This Fashion jeans that has an elastic band.
Super comfy for plane rides!

Ready to fly!!

No make up + a gold sparrow necklace that Rozz bought for me.

*kisses for Rozzie!!*

Hours later, we arrive at the JFK airport in New York!

Seeing angmohs as service staff takes some getting used to:

It appears NY welcomes us!

Rozz bought boxes and boxes of these Ferraro Rocher in Frankfurt for 11 pounds each! They are really pretty, aren't they?

I want the pink ones...


Ok, here's the thing...

I don't really like NY that much.

I KNOW! SHOCKING! I much prefer LA, coz I think the things in NY are simply too expensive!!

You can't drive there because traffic conditions are so bad, and cabs are expensive (well not unaffordable, but still, even on a cab you take damn long to get to any place because the traffic is so bad), and I hate walking "just a few blocks"!!

I DON'T LIKE WALKING!! Unless I am in flat shoes and I don't wanna wear flat shoes in Manhattan! Bah!

I don't know what I expected from NY really, but it's just like any other city in US except maybe there are a lot of flagship stores here for various big brands...

I guess I really expected to see Central Perk around the corner and celebrities everywhere... o_0

But nope, no celebrities, and best of all, no WALMART!!!

I was sooooooooo looking forward to going to walmart!! (Cannot is it? I know la, where got people can go to NY want to go to walmart... But walmart is really wu chao zuo zhi ok!)

So anyway, in NYC a bottle of mineral water costs US$2.


It's ok in a fancy restaurant, but people get thirsty often man! I don't wanna fucking spend so much everytime I want a drink!!

Hotdog stands selling hotdogs for 2 for US$5.

= almost S$4 for 1 hotdog!! MADNESS! Ikea's one is nicer, got unlimited sauces and only $1!!

I won't say I hate the place - I still like it - but once in NYC is enough man. I'd choose Vegas over NY anyday. NY is for sibeh rich people man!

Where do these NY people buy their groceries? I saw like NO place selling groceries.

No wonder in Friends they are always eating pizzas.

Also, I guess that 4 days is not enough for me to fully appreciate NY... we also didn't have people take us to places to go to, and that's why... Rozz and I had the most awful food the first day.

It was like cold noodles and some other rubbish. I pushed away my bowl of obscenities and took self-whoring shots instead:

I was trying to show off my chun li hair buns!

After this, we went to Vivienne Tam, who was sponsoring our evening gowns for the gala dinner.

So nice!

I tried to take a photo with Miss Tam herself, but she was a tad curt and said she was busy. =(

NY celebrities can't be assed with Singaporean bloggers!!!

(Ok then I guess I DID see celebrities, but I expected like A list sorts)

Taking the subway

Joan snapping a pic of us

For dinner, Joan's friend brought us to a nice Thai restaurant!

Super yummy duck curry!

Loved it

Next day, rise and shine!!

It's hello Central Park, Wollman Ice Skating Rink (although there is no ice currently, of course)!

Gillian looking glum for some reason...

Shooting me shooting her

Perfect weather made everyone happy

I had to

One more

Is that the empire state building behind us?

Pink extensions

For some reason, the heavy equipment were baby pink!!

Looking at them made me happy!!

And also, the leggy guys over there are like waiters??


The waiters over in NY are super good-looking!

Most of them are guys though, and they all look like models!! I was talking to this Singaporean professor who stayed in NY for many years, and she laughingly told me that all these waiters are all actors waiting to be discovered, that's why they wait on tables in the meantime.

Well, their loss is our gain! Hehe...

Preparing for the big day

End of rehearsals!

Outside Central Park

Gillian and I

G has such smiley eyes!

Walking along

Isn't this nice?

It's exactly like in storybooks!!

People are frolicking in the park's lush grass bare-footed! Kids are running about happily! Adults are at peace with the world and hugging on the park benches! Teenagers are playing frisbee while celebrating their youth!

I'm not even joking.

The perfect weather makes me want to sing and do cartwheels!


Me + a statue...

It looks like one of those neoprint things where the background is fake. But it's real!

These horses are reallllly smelly!


So excited about the fooooood!!


Notice chio angmoh waitress in background

Roti Prata

And Hokkien mee from Tai Hong!

Tai Hong put up a picture of Rozz and I when we interviewed him on GoL!

I wish he was my personal chef...

And we saw sibeh cute angmoh children!

Who is a SIA stewardess no less!!

Hen cute hor? The soft blonde curly hair is almost too much for me to take man. I want to hug her till she bursts!

And guess what Singaporeans are best at?

Queuing la!!!

An estimated 7k people came, and all the food was gone in a jiffy!

It was heartwarming really, to see Singaporeans overseas missing home...

Pure Chinese kid right? But why like even ABCs are cuter than locally bred children? Very weird hor? Is it the weather?

Hehe, the boy's guardians.

Ok, I know these two guys' photo begs the question: "Are they gay?"

I have no idea, they had a kid with them!

But if they are gay, then I think they make a pretty nice couple. Or maybe they are brothers? It's a mystery I will never find out.

My act cute outfit.

WHAT? I will never have a chance to wear my hot pink leggings in Singapore lor!

Straight hair.
My curling tongs got fucked and I had to borrow Rozz's straightening iron!

Rozz's boots!!

She had to borrow my pink socks and she said she felt very uncomfortable coz she knew that somewhere on her she has pink. LOL

OEI ROZZ pink is nice ok!

The crowds

Sambal stingray in NYC!

The $65 pink Hello Kitty bag I bought from the super cute Hello Kitty store!

I HAD to buy something from there lor... They even sold Hello Kitty TVs, Video cams, etc you know! It's so nice!

We move on to NY's famous public library. This is where they filmed The Day After Tomorrow, amidst other movies.

Random photos:

In America, everything is about extremes!!

That's why burgers have 8 slices of ham and 2 slices of cheese!

What's the point of slicing things so thinly, I wonder?

And that's it, back to Singapore via SQ!

Mike came to fetch me at 6am in the morning, and it's so funny that he is the one fetching me from Changi Airport... =)

I was so happy to see him I might have molested him on the spot.

More random photos:

Simmons party Rozz invited me to

Rozz and Doug

Me and Doug!

Pointless, only got 3 photos...

I've got a heart-shaped skin abrasion on my foot!

Isn't it cute?

I bought the Tommy slippers from NY for only $12! That's because they were for kids. LOL

Me without make up on a kelong.

I shall skip on this kelong story because it wasn't fun - for me at least.

Guess what Gillian got for me for my birthday!

Even the plastic bag is in my favourite shade of pink! (mind you, there are some shades of pink I don't like! Super anal one.)

Calvin Klein (I keep typing Calvin Kelvin) undies and still in my favourite shade of pink!

Plus a lovely Juicy bracelet! A real one! (I got a lot of fake ones... Haha)

So happy! Thanks G! All I did for your birthday was to draw and paste ugly stuff!

Was digging through Qihua's bag when I saw this bikini she bought and I fell in love with it!!

To my despair she said that the shop sold her the last piece, but then again she cheered me up by saying she bought the bikini set on impulse and would sell it to me!!

She didn't even wear it before lor!

I bought it for $80 (the original price being $99) from her. Shiok!!

I really like this bikini leh... It's baby pink with golden polka dots on it, a golden clamp in the middle, and at the back of the ass is the brand of the bikini in cursive golden fonts. =)

Also took a few shots of Mike's future condo...

Moving on on August 1!! Super excited.

These are the current tenant's furniture.

The balcony is freaking huge!!

Sorry for the blurness... Living room area...


Guest toilet

Guest room...

The current tenant is staying alone so he put all the excess owner's furniture in this room.

Mike's going to make this room into his workshop! Plus a bed for guests. LOL... I pity our guests, have to sleep in sawdust.

The master bedroom (I keep typing masterbat.. you know what I was typing. Something wrong with me) is huge!

Part 1

And part 2!

The two parts make the master bedroom.

I get to use that space for my princess room!! So excited leh!

Cupboard in princess room

Our toilet!

Mike's wardrobe.

The master bedroom itself has 4 built-in wardrobe/cupboards can?


And it is bigger than what it looks like on the pictures. 1,500 Sq feet. =)

Back to random pictures...

(After 2 hours I am STILL writing this blog entry. -_-)

QQ and Kelvin brought Mike, Tim and I to eat at this Shin something restaurant at Vivo City!

The food there is super nice! You can order a lot of things on charcoal grilled skewers, like foie gras (2 pieces for $8.80, as seen in first picture), golden mushrooms wrapped with beef, etc.


We ordered so much the bill came up to $40 per person though. Sigh.

Manhattan Fish Market

With Shuyin, ZC, Wanyi, and Alvin

Charring the prawns

Super yummy!

The lemon butter garlic whatever sauce is super yummy! It's like clam chowder but not so thick. *slurp*

My sea bass

Wanyi and ZC.

I took this picture, and I said, "OEI! YOU ALL CAN BE MORE LIVELY OR NOT??"

And they did this...


Damn jia jia lor...

Teo lala and me

Food finished!

My ninja tamagotchi (doesn't get more random than this)

Vesak Day!

For some spastic reason, we went to Zouk despite reports of it being so freaking full, the queue went all the way up to the bridge.

In Kelvin's car before we knew what was going to befall upon us

With Timmy

With Baby

After some heavy elbowing of the crowds, we finally arrived at Member's. Bah! (Thanks to Jack who brought us in)

QQ acting cute

Kelvin getting kissed by Tim

Candid shot! Hahaha... Tim is going to kill me

Painted Mike's toenails when he was drunk and asleep. Hehe

It took him all morning to discover it! Hahaha


Great Singapore Sale has taken its toil on my pocket!!

Here's my damage:




All from Forever 21.

You know what? The shops keep saying SALE!! outside, but once you go in, the sales items are like occupying one small corner! Then you end up buying the non-sales items!


$10 bikini.

When I was looking at this bikini, I said to myself, "Woah so cheap, good, I buy already put at home..." and Eekean, who was beside me, replied, "Yeah well, that's a good logic, I really get it... So you buy it, and you don't wear it and put it at home!"


Actually what I meant was to put in in the new condo so that when my girlfriends come over and if they don't have a bikini they can use this!! Thoughtful mah!

When I explained this to Eekean she said she never coming over then coz she won't wear this pink contraption.

SO FUSSY ONE LOR! On the $10 rank only got pink so I buy pink lah! The other design is like pink flowers can?



From FOX. Sigh... I bought the jacket only because it is... in my favourite shade of... blah blah you already know what I am going to say. Plus it is comfy! I'd wear it on plane rides. =D

Make Up Store glitter eyeshadow. Pretty!

And worst of all...

Guess bag $159!

Original price was $189...

I bought it coz I liked the colour (duh! I need to stop being a slave of pink) and I wanted a big bag!

But it is so pointless as a big bag because the bag is already quite heavy even without a lot of stuff inside!!


If anyone wants to buy this from me I'd gladly sell it.

I don't want to total up my shopping expenses, so please don't do it hor, thank you. It's all proudly done in like one day.

Mike looking at the Suntec fountain. And it's pink!

Last batch of photos!

CK in 2 u party!

QQ, her friend Michelle, and me!

We started to kiss the CK poster model!

QQ really look like she loves this guy lor, go and kiss people's nose

Michelle look like hua chi

QQ also likes the girl

I look like I am horny for this guy

And the angmoh!!!

Wah lau don't know him...

When I commented that his hand is too high up on the tits he said he is squeezing it up. -_-

And last of all, to end of this longest blog entry in the world, are models!!

THE CK MODELS ARE A NEH NEH FEST!!! You'll see what I mean...

Rozz hosting


Really cute models...

Neh neh (sorry it's blur, she kept moving...)

Neh neh



Ok, thus ends my blog entry.
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